Meet the vintage dealer: Hannah from Everything But The Dog!

Meet the vintage dealer: Hannah from Everything But The Dog!

Raised by an antiques dealer in a house full of amazing vintage furniture, it was probably inevitable that Hannah and her partner George would also begin to collect interesting pieces which caught their attention. A few years ago, it spiralled out of control and thus Everything But The Dog was born! Sit down with Hannah to hear about how she set up as a young vintage collector.

First of all! Is there a story behind your business name?

Billy the sharpei

There is. People often ask us if it has anything to do with the band ‘Everything but the Girl’ but it doesn’t. It actually refers to the fact that you can buy anything in the shop except our beloved sharpei Billy. He’s still the main attraction.

You’re going for coffee with a designer of your choice, who do you pick?

I would have loved to have gone for a coffee with Bruno Mathsson. He sounds like a maverick and his work is amazing.

What would be your dream vintage find and why?

The Spanish Chair by Børge Mogensen. Didn’t even have to think about that one!

Favourite piece you’ve ever sourced?

Tough one. We  recently had a Bror Bojie ‘Junker’ chair that we re-upholstered in pink velvet. It looked amazing. It didn’t hang around long which suggests someone else agrees with me. 

Any great tales behind the pieces you collect?

We found a Tripolina chair at a yard sale when we were on holiday. We just bought it because we liked it, we had no idea it was so old and collectible.

Number one thing to look out for when sourcing vintage furniture?

Understanding what a seller means when he or she says “good condition”. Suffice it to say we don’t always agree with their assessment. When we were getting started, we made the mistake of taking people at their word only to find out a lot of work was required. Establishing how much time you need to put into something comes with experience. 

Which pieces do you think will be popular in the near future?

We’re stocking some postmodern items at present. We think it’s about to start trending.

What part of being a furniture dealer do you most enjoy?

The sourcing, for sure. Few things are more enjoyable than a successful buying trip. 

Describe your own home style in three words.

Cosy, nordic, natural.

You have friends visiting. Where do you take them?

We’ve just opened a new showroom in Walthamstow. There are some great spots round here. We’d probably start at the Mirth, Marvel and Maud followed by a pizza at Sodo

Best thing about living and working in London?

Stratford Westfield… kidding. It might sound weird but we still love delivering furniture to our customers. We get to see so many London homes and all the amazing things people do with them.

If your home was ablaze, what would you run back to save?

The dogs! I’d probably also grab the screen prints my dad did after he graduated from art college. Don’t tell him I said this, but they’re actually really good.

And finally, what are you looking forward to in 2019?

Making the most of our new space and getting embedded in the Walthamstow community. We think it’s going to be a good time for us.

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