These Vintage Plant Stands are the Perfect Accessory for Plant Lovers

These Vintage Plant Stands are the Perfect Accessory for Plant Lovers

Avid plant parent? Or looking to bring a touch of the outdoors in? Let these vintage beauties inspire you… Plus, don’t forget!! If you’d like to win £400 of incredible house plants and – it gets better – £500 to spend on your dream vintage find, make sure to head to the end of this blog! And now for a host of plant stands that will have your plants blooming with joy…

This antique green French plant stand fits beautifully into the corner of a room and also allows you to grow plants so that they tumble down over the steps. Perfect for both indoors and out.

A 1970s bamboo creation, this stand is a great choice for lovers of the bohemian rattan look.

Well, this is kinda fun. An ultra rare design from 1958, we love the jaunty angles of the legs! Snazzy plants will love this.

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For those in search of an elegant approach to housing plants, look no further than this antique pair of iron wrought stands with scrolled tripod bases.

The minimalists among us will love this Cybele stand, named appropriately after the Phrygian goddess of nature! May your plants live long and prosper.

If anyone is aiming to create the floating plant look, this somewhat camouflaged 1940s stand will be of assistance. Pet chameleons will make it home too.

This ornate vintage plant stand comes with a handy little seat so that you dwell amongst the greenery.

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Time is running out! We are giving one plant lover the chance to win £400 of incredible houseplants from our friends at Patch Plants AND £500 to spend on your dream piece of vintage furniture… maybe one of these stands above! If you’d like to join in on the fun, enter here.

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Image credit: society19.com

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