Ideas for styling a unique festive table

New ideas for styling a unique festive table

With the coming Christmas season of gathering and gratitude, we’re anticipating the small moments of comfort and joy that can only be found at the festive dining table. We seek kindness and cherish that precious feeling of calm we only find with each other that helps us balance out the chaos we face daily. 

The heart of the celebration, Christmas dinner is a perfect opportunity to put your decorating skills to test and set the scene for an unforgettable feast for the special people in your life. Whether you are throwing a party for two or plan on welcoming your entire tribe, we can all agree that the Christmas dining table deserves a special touch.

Be inspired by these Christmas table decorating ideas to put a little spin to your traditional holiday decor of red and green and reconsider the consumerist approach to decorating.

Ideas for styling a unique festive table

Image credit: Pufik Homes

Create a timeless base with quality vintage dining furniture

Whether you prefer cultivating the very same decorating style over a number of years, or you fall victim to an urge to explore the changing seasonal trends and colour schemes, our advice is the same – invest in quality vintage dining furniture and tableware to create a strong base for your future styling projects. 

With a solid background, pursuing different decorating styles doesn’t have to promote the throwaway consumer culture. The key here is to start with a neutral setting and later experiment with statement pieces and greenery.

Ideas for styling a unique festive vintage table

Vintage Dining Set From Lübke

Ideas for styling a Christmas table

Vintage Italian Design Dining Set Dining Room Set Table Dining Room Chair Paolo Buffa

Vintage decor to adopt a more cautious mindset

If you are feeling exhausted by excessive consumerism that peaks during the Christmas season and you would rather opt for a more cautious, essentialist approach to decorating, opt for vintage decor

Break free from the pressure to jump on each trend wagon and stop cluttering your home with pieces made to serve for a single season. Considered Christmas vintage decor is built to last and comes with stories you can read from the charming traces of its loving use.

Ideas for styling a unique festive table | Vinterior

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Christmas decor

Pair Beautiful Antique Late 19th Century Rocaille Style Gilded Metal Candlesticks

Vintage Christmas decor

Brass Coaster By Arne Jacobsen For Stelton

Add a festive glamour to your vintage dining table

Use your Christmas dining table to create a show-stopping display of the seasonal charm. Splash out on the candlesticks, vases and vintage jugs and balance them across the table to create a stylish nod to the maximalist festive spirit. 

If the space allows, keep one part of the vintage dining table for mini decorating setups and use the rest to set the plates for the guests. 

How to style a unique festive table

Large Extending Solid Reclaimed Elm Rectangular Dining Table. Seats 8 To 10 People

Pick a statement antique dining table to add a touch of old-world glamour to the scene. Leave it bare so everyone can admire its beautiful vintage wood and one-of-a-kind marks of imperfection.

Ideas to decorateg a unique festive table

Large Rustic Antique Pine Country Kitchen Dining Table

Add a festive touch to your vintage dining chairs

One of the cutest Christmas styling ideas for compact spaces is to hang the decoration on the back of each dining chair. Create unique little clusters of cones and trimmings and wire them together in a single decorative piece that can be used for adding some Christmas cheer without wasting any precious space.

To make the most of these precious, eye-catching designs, make sure to use them on the decorative vintage dining chairs.

Vintage dining chairs

Elegant Set Of 6 Victorian Walnut Antique Dining Chairs

Ideas for styling a unique festive table and chairs

4 Antique Dining Chairs Mahogany Bentwood Carved

Sneak in a little surprise with a suspended centrepiece

Speaking about the small space living, one of the clever ways to maximise the festive cheer without compromising on the dining experience is to frame the dining table with a suspended centrepiece.

Perfect for those who like to make a grand entrance, an elevated fixture brimming with greenery is promised to catch everyone’s attention and make some jaws drop.  

An extra tip for those unwilling to give up styling a cramped space is to use drink trolly to place Christmas decoration.

Ideas for styling a unique festive decoration

German Regency Brass Bar Cart Or Trolley By Vereinigte Werkstätten München, 1970s

Ideas for styling a unique Christmas gathering

Danish Rosewood Serving Trolley By Johannes Andersen For Cfc Silkeborg, 1950s

Create a nature-inspired tablescape scene

Ideas for styling a unique festive table

Image credit: Local Milk

The best tip for achieving a gorgeous festive tablescape is by committing to a theme. If you are wondering about the popular festive table decor ideas and trends, the nature-inspired aesthetic seems to be leading the way into 2020.

To achieve the raw, natural look, start with machine-washed linen and work in effortless centrepieces of unevenly cut greenery and vintage decor and tableware.

Unique Christmas decor

Antique Victorian Solid Silver Snake Wine Jug, Barnards, Circa 1863

Christmas dining table styling

Art Nouveau Set Of 6 Glasses On Silvered Tray By Argentor, Vienna, Circa 1910

Invest in vintage glassware and china

Ideas for styling a unique festive table

Image credit: Jungalow

Don’t shy away from maximalism and mixing and matching different patterns. Enjoy the fruits of global society and embrace the traditions and personalities of different cultures and heritages. 

The new decade will bring new traditions, making our celebrations more personal and extra special. Dare to be different and invest in statement porcelain that will be used only for special occasions. 

Or use vintage glassware to add a touch of festive luxury and sophistication to an otherwise pared-back setting.

Styling a festive dining table

Antique Austrian Fischer And Mieg Reticulated Fine Porcelain Dessert Service 8 Pieces

Art Deco glasses

Suite Of Art Deco Hand Enamelled Glasses With Decanters

Vintage decor

Vintage Brass And Glass Bucket From Ralph Lauren, 1970s

Evoke nostalgia

Rustic Christmas decorating

Image credit: Fanny Linden

Celebrating the age-old traditions and forging precious new ones, Christmas is a perfect season to reflect and indulge in nostalgic thoughts and feelings. When picking up the Christmas decorating theme we often seek reminiscent styles that bring us back to our early childhood days.

That’s why Mid-century dining is such a popular choice these days.

Mid century festive dining

Mid Century Dining Table And Chairs

Mid century tableware

Mid Century Ceramic Fish Plates By Inger Waage For Stavangerflint, 1950s, Set Of 6

Same goes for the rustic dining. For a hint of a rustic country cottage style, decorate rustic and reclaimed wood with fresh fruit and foliage.

Ideas for styling a unique festive table

Vintage Floral French Porcelian Tureen / Creamware Bowl / Ceramic Oval Tureen / Serving Casserole Soup Dish / Rustic French Farmhouse Dining

Vintage china

Serving Plate Limoges 1957, Queen Elizabeth Porcelain Dinner Set, Bernardaud Limoges 1957 Queen Elizabeth Visit France, Fine China Plates

What festive table decoration style will you be pursuing this year?

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