The most original Christmas gift ideas

The most original Christmas gift ideas

As much as we love and care for our family and friends and wish to fill them with holiday cheer, shopping for Christmas gifts can be seriously overwhelming. The closer it gets to the holiday season, the stress picks up as we find it impossible to source the last-minute Christmas gifts that would perfectly sum up how much we care for our loved ones.

Unless you were lucky enough to come across an insider tip on your friends’ and family’s wishlist, by now you are probably busting your head over figuring out what to get them under the Christmas tree. Remember, rarely anyone is looking for a fancy Christmas gift, but rather something that shows care, deeper connection and understanding. 

The best Christmas gift ideas are mindful and thoughtful. A fun throwback to an experience you’ve shared. A small act of kindness or a token of appreciation. Something that shows how much you listen. Or better yet, a gift that calls to action and create new experiences together.

Be the person who stands out this Christmas by playing on the fun and quirky card! Start planning right away and don’t let the consumer beast in you awake and take you on a guilty last-minute shopping spree.

Below you may find an ultimate list of unique Christmas gift ideas your family and friends would definitely want to receive.

Unique Christmas gifts for him

Most people can agree that shopping for men can be hard. Especially if you’ve only met them recently and are still to learn about their quirky interests and silly childhood trivia. But however difficult the task may seem, it can be done. We promise!

If you are looking for an original gift for your new boyfriend and feel like you’ve got no clue over his preferences, a champagne ice bucket filled with chocolate and a bottle of good wine can be a fabulous solution.

The most unusual Christmas gift ideas

Champagne Ice Bucket Moet And Chandon French Vintage 80s Hat Shaped Wine Cooler Large Rigid Plastic Bar Cart Garden Bar Drinks Barware Gift

But if you dare to shop for more of a gift than experience and want to make sure that you’ll select something the guy in your life will actually appreciate – try encouraging one of the hobbies he’s been constantly postponing. 

A vintage camera might put him in a creative mode, and a quality vintage poker set will surely encourage more frequent gatherings with friends.

The most original Christmas gift ideas for hime

Halina Ai Vintage Camera

The most original Christmas gift idea idea for him

Fendi Vintage Poker Set Bridge Card Holder Set Boxed

Thoughtful Christmas gifts for her

Women are not easy to shop for either. Perhaps your options for a “good enough” Christmas gift might seem wider, but if you are looking for something truly special, you will need to roll up your sleeves. 

Blow your other half away by honouring her most cherished childhood book. Le Petit Prince lithos signed by Antoine De Saint Exupery could easily bring you the award of the Person of the year in her life.

The most original Christmas gift ideas

Antoine De Saint Exupery Le Petit Prince 12 Signed Lithos Saint Exupery Estate Edition

But if she prefers home decor over everything else, a gilt sunburst mirror is also an idea to consider.

Unusual Christmas gifts for her

Carved And Gilt Wooden Sunburst Mirror

Unusual gift ideas for kids

Instead of showering the kids with piles of soon-to-be-forgotten brand new toys, why not use the opportunity to teach them how to be environmentally cautious and show them the true value of secondhand objects.

You’ll hardly find a child (or perhaps even a grown-up) who wouldn’t be thrilled about having a LEGO clock in their room.

Unique Christmas gifts for kids

Wall Clock Lego Shop Display 80s Nord Plastik Rarity!

But if you are looking for unique Christmas gifts for the little ones, introducing them to timeless design could be both fun and useful for shaping their future aesthetic preferences.

Unusual Christmas gifts for kids

Ray And Charles Eames Elephant For Children Small

Original Christmas gifts for kids


Vintage Child’s Cane Wicker Bamboo Rocking House Children’s Furniture

Original Christmas gift for mum

OK, we are finally on solid ground here. Hardly any mum has ever received a bad gift from her child. Or at least as far as they know about it. The only way to do wrong here is by not getting her anything.

But just because making a mum happy might be a walk in the park, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t care enough to invest some extra thought in her present.

There is no better time to acknowledge how much you appreciate everything she is and has ever done for you. Perhaps with a gold medal?

Unusual Christmas gifts for her

Rare Cased Gold Medal, 9ct Gold Brooch, Watford Peace Memorial Hospital, Fattorini Gold Medal, Schreiber

Or with a finishing touch to her favourite cosy spot in the house.

Original Christmas gifts for her

French 1930s Brass Mirrored Fire Screen With Hand Painted Flowers On Bevelled Mirror Glass , Vintage Antique Art Nouveau Fireplace Screen

Unique Christmas gift for dad

Not all gifts need to be serious and deep. Make a joke and get your dad a stunning vintage phone booth to serve as a daily reminder that he can also call you, not always wait for mum to pass him the phone.

Original Christmas gifts for him

Vintage Phone From Austrian Phone Booth, 1972

Quirky Christmas gift ideas for friends

If you are like us and don’t mind going the extra mile to handpick the most authentic gifts for each of your friends, you will be happy to know that there is plenty of unique Christmas gift opportunities for you here at Vinterior.

Choose a fabulous displaying shelf for your plant-loving friend, a large vintage art print for a new mum or mum-to-be, or a special record holder for your friend’s most precious albums.

Original Christmas gifts for plant-lovers

Original Plant Holder With 4 Shelves And A Large Tray

Original Christmas gifts for friends

Large Vintage Wall Art Poster By Signed By Artist C1960

Unique Christmas gifts for friends

Record Holder, 1960s

Unique, inexpensive Christmas gifts for coworkers

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on Christmas gifts to show your coworkers how much you care for them. The smallest details count. Like this cute Frida Khalo Christmas ornament or a set of mid-century espresso cups for example.

Unusual Christmas gifts for coworkers

Frida Kahlo Handmade Wooden Nordic Christmas Ornament. Original Print Transferred Onto Wood. Rare. Wooden Gift

Unique Christmas gifts for coworkers

Magpie Boxed Espresso And Saucer Set Featuring Hollywood Hills 1950’S Homes

But you can also choose to buy the original Christmas gift for the entire office at once. If your coworkers fancy office parties, a drink dispenser like the one below will certainly be a welcome addition to the team.

Christmas gifts for cooworkers - drink despenser

Industrial Brass And Copper Drink Dispenser, Whisky, Vodka, Gin, Jack Daniels, Gordons, Absolut Vodka, Cocktails


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