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Shabby chic vintage cabinets which lend weathered charm

As the world gets increasingly digitised, we find ourselves longing for more traditional interior references inside our homes. Like an anchor, weathered rustic furniture helps us reconnect with the past while at the same time infusing spades of character into the space. The shabby chic style (also known as the cottage style or farmhouse) is striking a balance between the preloved and historic and the shiny and modern. Do not hesitate to add this style to your kitchen, bedroom, or living room. Celebrating imperfections, the shabby chic vintage furniture and decor come with a lived-in feel and a gracefully faded, nostalgic look.

Prioritising comfort and style, shabby chic looks into different design schools and periods to come up with the most relaxing and unpretentious spaces. The goal here is to design a home that follows your needs, not the changing fashions. To add personality and flair, this sheer blend of styles finds muses in the distressed and weathered shabby chic storage and decor. As the backbone of the space, rustic cabinets are used to tell stories and make strong statements about their rich and eventful journey that so beautifully contrasts the contemporary references inside a home.

Like a memory box protecting secrets of the collective past, shabby chic vintage cabinets are pieces with a soul and a sense of gravitas. Their precious poetic nature carries enough charm to elevate even the most mundane of rooms, so it is no wonder that they’ve become the hallmarks of the shabby chic interior style.

Distressed antique cupboards and wardrobes from all walks of life find a home in the shabby chic fairytale of minimal colours and maximum detail. With the idea of creating a warm and welcoming space, shabby chic storage teams up with retro florals and soft colours. But regardless of how many sweet and romantic tones and materials you add to the scene, the key here is definitely in the chicly detailed vintage cabinets.

Let’s dive into the world of shabby chic vintage storage and decor to find out what makes them so precious.

Rustic kitchen cabinet to lend weathered charm

Free Delivery Vintage Rustic Wooden Wall Mounted Bathroom, Kitchen Cabinet, Cupboard

Shabby chic vintage teal cabinet to lend weathered charm

Long Low Vintage Teal Cabinet From Gansu

Rustic cabinets should only look faded

When selecting rustic cabinets for your home aim for the soft and dreamy. Worn, ornate antique pieces that celebrate their signs of wear are the most obvious pick. 

But keep in mind, we are only talking about the aesthetic. When buying weathered rustic storage make sure to double-check it for the quality of its build. Never settle for a piece that is beyond repair just because it looks charming. Make sure it is functional, has all the necessary parts and it’s sturdy enough to serve you for years to come.

Shabby chic kitchen display cabinets

Pair Of Grey Painted Glazed Solid Pine Bookcases Kitchen Display Cabinets

Shabby chic golden pineapple vintage display unit

Shabby Chic Golden Pineapple Vintage Display Unit With Led Interior

Shabby chic display glass vitrine to lend weathered charm

Gustavian Rococo Style White Painted Display Cabinet Glass Vitrine Early 20th Century

Shabby chic vintage cabinets are heaven for DIY enthusiasts 

Thanks to its forgiving and inclusive nature that encourages creative expression, the shabby chic style is very popular among those with a flair for DIY projects. Shabby chic vintage cabinets offer a great opportunity for putting your furniture repair skills into action with no pressure for achieving perfectly smooth finishes.

And we promise, you will hardly find a more powerful hero piece for a shabby chic room than a salvaged or rescued vintage storage, touched up by your very hands.

Shabby chic display kitchen cabinet


Vintage Painted Glass Glazed Display Cabinet Bookcase Kitchen Cabinet Shop

Shabby chic vintage cabinet from Gansu

Vintage Cabinet From Gansu With Faded Lotus Flowers

Shabby chic vintage French cabinet to lend weathered charm

Vintage French 4 Door Maiden Cabinet

A weathered sideboard makes for a lovely vignette 

Create a charming little scene with a thoughtfully styled preloved sideboard. As a cherry on top, the right weathered sideboard can be that statement piece you were looking for to tie the room together in a coherent scene.

Coming in all sizes, a shabby chic sideboard can be used as a dominant piece in the living room, but also to fill up those empty nooks in the hallway and bathroom that have been bugging you for years. And provide extra storage at the same time.

Shabby chic vintage bathroom cabinet to lend weathered charm

Image source: French Country Cottage

Shabby chic handmade vintage sideboard

Swedish Gustavian Country Two Toned Grey Hand Painted Sideboard / Hall Cabinet / Cupboard Handmade

Shabby chic sideboard cabinet to lend weathered charm

Vintage Server Painted Upcycled Shabby Chic Sideboard Cabinet Cupboard Boho

Rustic bedside cabinets add interest to any bedroom

No matter how small they may be, rustic bedside cabinets can make a great statement in a bedroom. Take advantage of this fact by selecting a pair of eye candy pieces and watch as they uplift the entire room.

For extra impact use expressive rustic bedside cabinets to introduce a pop of colour in an otherwise neutral room.

Shabby chic bedside cabinets to lend weathered charm

Image source: Project Fairytale

Rustic bedside cabinets

Bedside Table/ Cabinet. Nightstand. Hand Painted In Country Grey. French Chic. Country Chic

Shabby chic antique bedside cabinets

Beautiful Matching Pair Of Marble Topped Bedside Cabinets In Zinc Grey

Shabby chic French bedside cabinets

Pair Of French Craquelure Bedside Cabinets Louis Xv Style

Shabby chic vintage cupboards to elevate any room

Distinctively elegant and eye-catching, rustic cupboards are probably the most evocative furniture pieces of the shabby chic style. Intentionally distressed or simply showing graceful signs of the loving use, shabby chic cupboards are sure to steal the spotlight anywhere they land.

Due to their superb storage ability and the fact that they will work in just about any room, rustic cupboards are probably the most popular shabby chic cabinets of all.

Shabby chic vintage cupboards to lend weathered charm

Image source: Elle Decoration

Antique kitchen cupboard cabinet

Vintage Antique Grey Painted Kitchen Dresser Cupboard Glazed Cabinet

Shabby chic sideboard to lend weathered charm

Solid Wood Carved Vintage Cabinet, Coffee And Cream Sideboard, Cocktail Cabinet, Storage Cupboard, Living Room

Shabby chic French glazed buffet to lend weathered charm

French 1th Century Glazed Buffet Deux Corps

How to choose a perfect vintage display cabinet

A graceful mix of meticulously detailed woodwork and glass makes vintage display cabinets very appealing to collectors. A work of art by itself, a rustic display cabinet easily captures everyone’s attention and thus becomes a perfect candidate for showcasing beloved trinkets and collector’s items.

To create an attractively cohesive scene make sure not to overload it with visual noise.

Shabby chic display cabinets to lend weathered charm

Image source: Vibeke Design

Shabby chic Swedish antique cabinets

Antique Upcycled Grey Display Cabinet/ Swedish Antique Book Case/Antique Bureau

Shabby chic glass display cabinets to lend weathered charm

Glass Display Cabinet

Shabby chic French oak display cabinets

French Oak Display Cabinet

The art of styling with rustic shabby chic decor

Traditionally, the shabby chic style comes with strong feminine energy. Translating into the world of decor, this means that you should expect to find lots of rustic candle holders, gilt frames, antique ceramics, ornate mirrors and lots of florals. 

Aim for the soft and elegant, and make sure to highlight patina.

Rustic shabby chic decor to lend weathered charm

Image source: @patina_pine

Shabby chic floral decor to lend weathered charm

Vintage 1980’S Book Pages, Garden Of Roses, Botanical, Floral Rose Plants, Nature, Illustrations, Print, Set Of 4 Wall Decor, New Home Gifts

Vintage shabby chic decor to lend weathered charm

Vintage White Enamel Pitcher, Water Pitcher, French Enamel, Flower Vase, Enamel Jug, Garden Decoration, Country Kitchen, Shabby Chic

Shabby chic mirrors to lend weathered charm

Paris Grey & Gold Painted Romantic Rococo Style Ornate Wall Mirror Vintage Mirror Glass

Remember, recycled, upcycled, salvaged, repurposed – everything goes, except what appears to be dirty or broken.

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