How To Get The Boho Style

How To Get The Boho Style

It’s official – minimalism is out! As of this moment, less is no longer more when it comes to decorating. The interior pendulum has finally swung too far on the minimal side and is now swinging back to celebrate the wonders of creativity and self-expression.

Yes, we are talking about the rise of Boho Style interiors.

The trendiest interior style of the moment, the Modern Boho Chic interior style can be anything you want it to be. It can be colourful; it can be monochrome. It can be messy; it can be clean.

But it is always authentic and casual. Designed to pamper your wellbeing and encourage you to pursue your passions, Modern Boho interiors bring a refreshing punch of personality and elegance into everyday life.

If what you’ve just read resonates with your interior desires, you are in luck! Even though there is no instant formula to get the look, there is a host of ways in which you can bring a dash of Boho Chic into your home in no time.

Let’s get to it!


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History of the Boho Style

Like everything else about the Boho style, even its name has an exciting story to tell. The word Boho comes from the French word Bohémien that was used back in the early 19th century France to describe marginalised and impoverished artists of the time. In an attempt to liken these unconventional creators to gipsies, whom the French believed came from Bohemia (part of modern Czech Republic), all people involved with arts who led a nomadic lifestyle were soon given an etiquette – Bohemian.

Fast forward a century and your mind will take you to the United States. The 1940s hipsters, 1950s beat generation, and 1960s hippies developed a reputation of the New Bohemians, who were all famous for their non-conformism and spirituality. And so were their interiors.


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The easiest way to understand what the Boho style is, is by getting to know Bohemians. When picturing a perfect Boho interior design, think artistic, spontaneous, free-spirited, non-traditional, eccentric, alternative, avant-garde and well-travelled. A truly eclectic mix of everything you might fancy, the Modern Boho Style pays homage to ethnic, vintage and mid-century pieces.

Once known for its bold hues, busy patterns, textile galore and unruly everything, the Boho style has recently been showing signs of growing up. The evolution of the style is making a radical shift towards a more refined, simplified look – Boho Minimalism. The lovely balanced newlyweds – Boho + Scandi have been on trend recently, with more and more people saying yes to combining the best of two worlds. Especially when designing a Boho bedroom. But the truth is that each Boho abode widely differs from another and shows deeply individual eclectic style and imaginative spirit of its owner.

So the question is – how to spot Boho interior design when you see it?


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How to Spot the Style

The Boho style interiors are a playful mishmash of vintage furniture, colours, pattern, textiles, and details all combined in the most spontaneous manner. The key is in making the layout seem effortless and curated, with second-hand gems and travel memories proudly displayed throughout the room.

The unparalleled uniqueness of this aesthetic is achieved simply by not caring too much if everything matches. It doesn’t really have to. There are no decorating rules here, but one – if it fits in a fun, laid-back look, it sits. Simple as that.

thrifty abode

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Traditional Boho style interiors display the whole rainbow of colours, often all in a single room. But if you are looking for a more refined alternative to the whimsical haven you may see below, Boho is still the right choice for you. If used as accents, subdued, earthy shades such as mustard yellow, terracotta and muted greens (all being on trend of lately) can work wonders in achieving the Modern Boho style look. These rooms will most probably feature white walls and minimalist background jazzed up with some quirky Boho touches.

How to Get the Boho Style - Vinterior Blog

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Wordly patterns are used deliberately throughout the space and are probably the most recognisable element of the style. Once multi-tonal pattern-on-pattern decorating is now becoming more purposeful and sophisticated. Often even monochrome.

Decorating with rugs is the Boho thing, and you will most probably spot it everywhere around, from floors to walls. Ethnic and antique prints are both highly favoured.


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Great news for those looking to live more sustainably is that Boho style relies heavily on the use of natural materials such as woven fabrics, leather, bamboo and raw wood. The older, the better. But for added interest, there are always pops of metallic accents here and there.

Also, if the urban jungle movement appeals to your sensibility, there is no better place to grow your plant tribe than in a Modern Boho interior. You will hardly find a stylish Boho abode that doesn’t home at least some greenery.


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How to Get the Boho Stye -Vinterior Blog

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Like everything else with this look, Boho style furniture is textured and chic. The effortless drama is further highlighted with the use of different shades of woods and eccentric shapes of rattan everything from mirrors to beds. Furniture design is typically out of the box and favouring the 60s and 70s look. Think peacock chairs and rattan headboards.


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It’s all in the details, so you need to silence your fear of over accessorising. With the Boho style, there is no such thing. Global touches, lanterns, macrame, tapestries, collector’s treasures of any kind, love of art and books – anything that helps the owners of the residence channel their inner Bohemian deserves to be displayed.


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Get the Look

Free your mind of any conservative thoughts you may have and dive into our vast collection of eclectic vintage furniture.


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How to Get the Boho Style - Vinterior Blog

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Create a truly unique Modern Boho space that will help your creative ideas flourish and provide yourself with a secluded retreat from the fast-paced outside world.


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Treat yourself to a romantic Boho bedroom and make your interior dreams come to life.


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