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Furniture may be the bread and butter of most interiors but a well-placed rug will have a surprisingly significant impact on the feel of a room. A colourful rug will lend a welcome dose of pattern and panache to a more neutral space. By contrast, calm down a busy decor scheme with a more simple model. A room full of similar tones, across furniture and the wider decor, can benefit from a rug which helps to break up the space. Recent years have seen a rise in popularity of the iconic monochromatic Beni Ourain rug, although none can deny the timelessness of the world celebrated and richly coloured Persian rug tradition. Fortunately, the Vinterior collection encompasses a vast array of vintage rugs, from traditional to textured, patterned to plain.

Choose the right size of vintage rug

Getting the size right is key, as a rug will play an important role in tying a room together. Avoid going for a rug which is too small; consider that surrounding furniture should tread lightly on the edge of the rug – almost as if it were floating and holding onto a raft! This really helps to anchor the furniture in place, creating a coherent space that flows well. Others have found creative ways to incorporate more unusual uses of rug into their home, such as using a longer runner alongside a bed or by placing a soft sheepskin rug to land on as you step out of the bath. We’re taking inspiration from this interior below which even layers three rugs on top of each other… daring, but it works!

vintage antique rug traditional sheepskin rug

Image: houseandgarden.co.uk

Persian, oriental or nordic rug? One for every home!

Vintage and antique rugs come from all corners of the globe but some countries demonstrate particular prowess when it comes to creating stunning (and long lasting!) rugs. For many of us, the first place we associate with rugs would be Iran, home to the world famous Persian rugs. The Persian tradition champions intricate patterns and rich inky colours: damson reds to cobalt blues… discover a cacophony of colour with this collection on Vinterior.

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persian rug antique vintage

persian rug antique vintage traditional

vintage antique rug persian

Going further east…

Oriental rugs boast an incredibly unique aesthetic. If you are looking to go a little off-piste, this rug tradition could be for you. Using opulent jewel tones, many of these rug designs are emboldened by a border which contrasts dramatically with the inner colour. Florals also bloom across many Chinese rugs, which celebrate botanical motifs and draw inspiration from the natural world. Look out for maximalist details like birds and butterflies!

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chinese rug antique vintage rug

vintage antique rug chinese

vintage rug antique chinese

vintage antique chinese rug

This wonderfully eclectic bedroom below is a shining example of combining maximalist print and colour done well. The dense rug pattern serves to break up the large floor space which would feel too bare if left uncovered. The dark blue detailing also anchors the paler walls.

vintage traditional rug

Image: houseandgarden.co.uk

To explore more vintage rugs and find the perfect model to fit your home… look no further than the Vinterior collection.

vintage antique rug traditional persian oriental rug

Image: houseandgarden.co.uk

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