A treasure trove of maximalist wallpapers on Vinterior.

A treasure trove of maximalist wallpapers on Vinterior.

With Spring tantalisingly close, we’re starting to sense our antennae wobbling with creative ideas for renewing home decor. With trees in bud-burst and the first Spring flowers appearing tentatively from the ground, it’s a wonderful time for bringing playful notes of colour, print and pattern into the home. Lovers of maximalist decor may even venture one step further and embrace the world of patterned wallpaper. Whether on one wall or all of them, finding an eye catching wallpaper can be a hugely rewarding design choice. Some are bold and vibrant, others are more whimsical with dainty colours. Dare to be brave this Spring and find a print which makes your soul sing!

  1. Aquafleur Aquamarine Wallpaper

This romantic meadow flower wallpaper is perfect for creating a maximalist space with more whimsical qualities. Its gentle prettiness doesn’t mean that it lacks for bold colour with notes of poppy red and mustard yellow. Pair it with Ercol or mid century modern furniture for a more modern feel or embrace 19th century maximalism with some fabulous antique finds.

2. Vintage Dress Wallpaper

Are you a fan of vintage fashion as well as furniture? This playful wallpaper might be just the one for you! Complete with retro colours, this could be fabulous for a bedroom or dressing room. We love its sassy character and fun flare-out frocks.

Vintage Dress Wallpaper

2. Entomology Green Wallpaper

This quirky wallpaper is definitely one for the more characterful among us! Its old school charm lies in the intricate detail of the illustrations, we can almost picture the entomologist at work making careful studies of each creature. It could work in almost any space from a bedroom to a living room… just maybe not in the kitchen!

Entomology Green Wallpaper

4. Jardin Tropical Wallpaper

The Vinterior office wallpaper of choice! Should you ever step into Vinterior HQ, you’ll notice this stretching the length of our entrance way. We didn’t hold back and paired this tropical motif with a sleek black leather vintage sofa, pink walls and some warm brass references. A contemporary take on Victorian botanical prints, it inspired us to put together a characterful but sophisticated space.

Jardin Tropical Wallpaper

5. Algae In Blue Wallpaper

This medley of blues come together to set off this wonderful arts house print. Inspired by the sea, the motif boasts intricate forms and patterns with a sense of watery movement. This wallpaper would go beautifully with a host of materials… imagine it as the backdrop to a deep tan leather sofa or gleaming teak sideboard.

Algae In Blue Wallpaper

6. Tropical Birds Wallpaper

This enchanting tropical bird wallpaper is a maximalist lover’s dream. Birds in botanical prints have long provided a way to bring a magical note of the outdoors in. The design plays on traditional elements of intricate detailing whilst embracing an palette of contemporary colours from peacock blue to magenta pink with of course an abundance of leafy greens! Will you venture into the forest?

Tropical Birds Wallpaper

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