Get the Look: Bohemian Leafy Living Room

Get the Look: Bohemian Leafy Living Room

This beautiful converted factory loft space is a singing, eclectic combination of many design references. The room is tied together by a calm but equally energising colour scheme, ranging from pale greys to warm wooden hues, mustard yellow and of course a cacophony of green plants! It has been beautifully curated. So how can you create this look in your own way? Read on for some advice on putting together a leafy bohemian paradise of your very own.

Image credit: Apartment Therapy

Use simple and sleek furniture

This room has a lot going on. There is so much scope to accessorise that it might be beneficial to keep the furniture itself fairly simple! Look at how the stylist of the space above has chosen a plain grey sofa and sleek but simple wooden coffee table. This creates a fantastic backdrop against which to accessorise to your heart’s content. In a busy space, pattern looks great in small doses. Have fun experimenting with printed cushions if you want to liven up the seating and embellish the sideboard with a plant or two (or as many as you can keep alive!)

Find your version of a yellow chair

In a room full of natural hues – whether it be the rattan accessories or simple wooden furniture – it helps to add a dash of colour, like the yellow chairs above. This will break up the space and prevent other colours from merging into each other too much. Muted colours, like the mustard yellow on the chairs in this living room, are a brilliant way to add colour without employing overly bright or garish tones. Of course, if you feel like going bold, dare to do so! Other soft furnishings such as cushions or throws are also a brilliant way to add colour and texture to add points of interest. Yellow in particular goes very well with the surrounding greenery often seen in bohemian interiors. This is because yellow and green sit very close together on the colour wheel, helping to create a pleasing analogous colour scheme. Of course, though, you should get creative and pick whichever colours you enjoy the most!

Deck the space in rattan

Rattan has really gained in popularity over recent times. It’s a fantastic material which can be used to lend instant bohemian charm to a room and to relax a more formal mid century furniture scheme. Rattan is both friendly and stylish… it’s also very affordable (and therefore low commitment)! There are so many fun ways to introduce rattan details to your home, be it through accessories or larger items of furniture. From mirrors to magazine racks, seating to light pendants, rattan is available in a multitude of shapes and forms. For creating a whimsical ‘into the garden’ look, this is a good ‘un.

Embrace pattern with rugs

Who doesn’t love a rug? Particularly rugs with gorgeous thick pile like Beni Ourain’s celebrated creations. Rugs are brilliant for tying a space together whilst adding colour, pattern and texture. Triple whammy! There is no limit when creating a bohemian space when it comes to colour. However if you’re going to for a more natural colour palette like this living room above, choosing a calming neutral tone works beautifully alongside other natural hues like wood and greenery. A pale rug adds to the sense of space and light whilst the thick pile actually helps to mask any imperfections, so don’t be afraid to live with it! A rug with a pattern will also break up the space and avoid looking too much like a ‘block’ of plain colour.

Accessorise, accessorise, accessorise!

Finally, the most fun part! This space allows for much creativity when it comes to accessorising. You have the calming backdrop of sleek, simple furniture and now it’s time to take that trip to the flower market and stock up on greenery! Try to position your plants at different heights to create the authentic feeling of walking into a bohemian garden space. This can be done using hanging rattan baskets and of course a variety of plant stands. The corner ladder seen in this boho living room is a fantastic way to showcase trailing plants. Add additional interest to the space with pots and baskets which are also great for storing throws, cushions and general bits and bobs which need somewhere to live.

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