Garden Styling Tips by Jessica Alavi-Ellis

Garden Styling Tips by Jessica Alavi-Ellis

When warmer weather comes around we often turn our attention to our outside spaces, whether that’s a full-blown garden, balcony or window box, but how do we add personality? I begin every Spring with the same feeling, desperate to get outside and disheartened at the offering of plastic-y furniture that isn’t built to last. My home is filled with vintage pieces, so why not my garden?

Three years ago we bought our North London home which came with a 20% brambles 80% concrete patch of potential! I knew I wanted lots of planting, a cutting patch (who doesn’t), a patio but controversially no lawn. We landed on a Pétanque court – something that would remind us of holidays, be an activity with friends and family and, practically, solve our problems with drainage (4 months of the year the weed section of the garden was waterlogged). 

Fast-forward and we’ve removed the concrete, lugged 12 tonnes of gravel through the house and filled the garden with plants. Nature is back in force and I’m ready to hunt down some extra special vintage furniture and planters. 


Soften with textiles

Adding a tablecloth can really soften the look of vintage furniture. I like to use fabric off-cuts or buy something special by the metre, you can hem it or use it as is. It’s a great way to change the look and feel of the space on a budget. 

Add personality with tableware 

I love picking up bowls and napkins on my travels but you can also find some amazing crockery in charity shops, at flea markets or on from vintage sellers online (Hi Vinterior). 

Forage flowers 

Grab a flower frog in a bowl or a handful of bud vases and get picking. A few flowers from your garden can be really special (if you pick one in three your borders or pots should still look nice and full) or snip some branches from a tree (make sure to ask permission if it’s not yours). 

Think about scent 

I love a simple terracotta pot with a scented pelargonium like Attar of Roses. It smells beautiful, looks cute and you can even crush the leaves with some water and spritz it on your ironing.




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