Ask an expert: Interior Fox

Ask an expert: Interior Fox

We caught up with design duo Interior Fox on what they love about Scandinavian design and they shared some tips for styling these iconic pieces.

What is it about Scandinavian furniture that works so well?

The use of natural materials, simplicity and function. This translates to almost every Scandi piece of furniture, so it’s easy to find timeless pieces that last. A well-designed chair from an iconic Scandinavian furniture designer, for example, can be an amazing starting point for a room design, as it instantly gives some character to the space.

Tip 1

Mix Styles – We like mixing Scandi pieces with other styles to create a rich design overall. Since Scandinavian pieces of furniture are generally simple in shape or colour, it is easy to integrate them into almost any style. Scandi mixes so well with modern and mid-century design as its visual language is so minimalistic. Too much of one genre is never a good thing so we aim to create balance by mixing pieces from different eras.

Tip 2

Choose materials carefully It’s important to bring in subtle colours and a mix of materials. Light oak woods do well with warmer textiles and rich textures, whereas the darker, warm woods look best with some cooler tones around. The key here is finding balance and using a keen eye to balance the choice of finishes.

Tip 3

Find furniture with function, one of the best elements of Scandi design is having functional and thoughtful furniture pieces where they may have more than one purpose. We love minimal storage solutions with hidden elements and clean lines as they create balance against any other statements we may be trying to make. Most shelving or TV cabinet solutions we select for clients are Scandi as it’s the cleanest design with function at heart.

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