‘You will never feel alone with an antique Mora.’ Will you also go cuckoo for these Swedish clocks?

swedish antique mora clock

Akin to the traditional grandfather clock more commonly seen in the UK, the curving Swedish Mora model is a highly unique design with a huge tradition of local craftsmanship behind it. We were intrigued to learn more about this enchanting area of Swedish design history and sat down with Jo Lee who told us just about everything you could wish to know – from the people who first made the Mora to what we should look for when buying one today.

Designers on your radar: get to know Eero Saarinen

One of the most unorthodox and controversial designers of all time, Eero Saarinen was a pioneer of American post-war architecture and one of the most important figures that shaped the international image of American Modern. A leader of the second generation of modernists, Eero Saarinen took inspiration from the past to design for the future. He was an innovator, visionary, artist, and a highly skillful businessman who never ceased to create waves on the design scene. His designs always come with superlatives – the greatest, the first, the biggest, the most this, the most that…
Let’s learn more about the design genius Eero Saarinen and his most famous furniture.

Meet vintage entrepreneur Eva Coppens, who founded the beautiful brand Forest London at just 25.

How does someone so young have a such a discerning eye for celebrated vintage design and the vision to establish a business around it? Now based in Amsterdam, Eva told us all about the early days of Forest and how training in fashion ultimately lead her to furniture design.

Guide to 15 Most Iconic Scandinavian Chair Designs of All Time

Will Scandinavian chair icons ever go out of style? We doubt it. Timeless aesthetic and superior craftsmanship promise plenty more trips around the sun for these vintage, culture-shaping beauties, so we might as well do our homework and learn more about the most significant Scandinavian chair designs of all time.

Join us on the walk down the memory lane and get inspired!

This Danish designer is the name behind many of the most loved Scandinavian designs.

We know you are used to us unearthing quality vintage pieces for you, but today we would like to bring your attention to a person instead. Kai Kristiansen is one of the best furniture designers Danish Modern has to offer, and yet his name remains a relatively well-kept secret in the design circles ready to be exploited by well-educated collectors!

Meet the Designer: Hans Wegner

Hans Wegner is one of Denmark’s most famous designers. Whether you’ve heard his name before or not, you’ll definitely recognise his iconic designs. We love knowing about the humans behind these celebrated feats of design… here is your quick fire guide to Hans Wegner!

Get to know iconic designer Arne Jacobsen in 8 quick facts.

He’s one of Denmark’s most celebrated designers and still influences so much of contemporary design. But who actually is Arne Jacobsen and what is he so famous for? Here are some quick facts to put him on your map!

  1. From a young age, it was clear that Arne had creative talent. He originally wanted to be a painter but his father felt that architecture was a more practical pursuit.

2. Arne travelled all around the world to expand his creative horizons. He made the voyage to New York as a sailor and spent time as a bricklayer in Germany. Italy became somewhere Arne visited frequently to paint accurate, atmospheric watercolours.

3. Jacobsen’s career as an ultra-modern architect was boosted by winning some major awards: one of them was given by the Danish Architect’s Association for his ‘House of the Future’ design. The glass and concrete house was flat-roofed, spiral-shaped, had a conveyor tube for letters, windows that rolled down like those of cars, a helipad, and a boathouse.

4. People have rioted and protested against Jacobsen’s ultra-modern buildings. One incident was for Gammeltorv’s Stelling House, which prompted a newspaper to print that Jacobsen should be ‘banned from architecture for life.’

5. During World War II, Jacobsen was persecuted for his Jewish heritage. With some assistance from the Danish resistance, Jacobsen rowed a boat to Sweden in order to escape the Nazi persecution.

6. Jacobsen’s chair designs are particularly famous. The sleek curved contours of the Egg, Swan and Drop chairs were viewed as ultra modern and unlike much achieved in furniture design previously.

7. In everything he did, Jacobsen embodied the concept of Gesamtkunst, which means seeing everything as a work of art.

8. In Great Britain, he designed St. Catherine’s College, Oxford, which even involved landscaping the garden and designed details such as the silverware, china, chairs, lamps and door handles. He also chose the fish for the pond!

Arne Jacobsen’s design for St Catherine’s College, Oxford including the famous fish pond!
Image credit: ox.ac.uk

Want to browse through all of Arne Jacobsen’s famous designs? Click right here and enjoy!

Title image credit: propertydesign.pl

10 Quick Wins to Fight the January Blues

Blue Monday has dawned, the January day on which – supposedly – everyone wishes they could  hit permanent snooze on the alarm clock and preferably not resurface until mid March. The Christmas lights have grown dim behind us and Spring still feels a bit too far away. But don’t despair! There are still a few perks to be found in this limbo season… read on and be encouraged.

10. Embrace cosy nights

These dark nights are a great chance to recharge for the year ahead. Shut the front door against the arctic breeze, leave the phone elsewhere for an hour or two and hunker on down with that stack of books you’ve been intending to read since 2008. Or even head for a cosy night out! London (and many places beside) is brimming with twinkly bars and pubs. Among the Vinterior favourites are Gordon’s Wine Bar in Embankment, The Water Poet in Spitalfields and Simmons in Angel.

9. Get hyggelig

We’re all fairly well educated in the concept of ‘hygge’ by now. If there’s any doubt, enlighten yourself here (pun not intended). One key way of getting ‘hyggelig’ is to transform your home into a den of cosiness. Deck the floors with a beautiful rug. Embrace all of the cushions. Throw a sheepskin rug onto your favourite armchair, snuggle in, and then layer another blanket on top of yourself. Stay put for several hours.

8. Big mugs of coffee

…Or the hot beverage of your choice. If you’re feeling a bit chilly, nothing says ‘simple pleasure’ like wrapping your hands around a steaming mug of something delicious. This is a great one for the time-pressed! Whether in the office or at home, take something nice with you to drink it from. You wouldn’t deplete the experience of drinking a cocktail by sipping it out of a plastic cup, the same goes for your morning/mid afternoon/mid-mid afternoon and late-in-the-day coffee. Use drink-ware which gives you joy!

7. Throw a candle-lit dinner party

Dinner parties don’t have to be fancy and take up lots of your time. Good friends on a dark Tuesday night just need a hot pasta bake and an escape from the cold. Turn off the overhead lighting and give these dinner parties an extra dose of cosy with some stylish candle light. It’s these small details which make the difference when outer natural charm (read: sunlight) is missing. Any Danish friends will be particularly appreciative.

6. Light it up

Dark nights equal twinkly lights! Ask any passing Scandinavian – the experts on living in the dark all winter long – and they’ll tell you that ambient lighting makes all the difference. Use this darker time of the year to fill your home with soft pools of light, a great excuse to go out and find that dreamy vintage lamp you’ve been Pinteresting. We’re used to staring at blue light on our screens all day, so a dose of warm golden light will have you feeling much better very soon!

5. Meet your dream sofa

This one should really go in hand with number 2. If you’re amassing throws like there’s no tomorrow (Spring?) to hide the off-putting sofa within, it might be time to treat your home to a new one. The grand plan is to spend a lot of time between now and mid-March drinking coffee, chatting with friends, learning to knit and catching up on that must-watch series with this sofa, so choose one which you both love to look at and sit on. Many vintage sofas come with the added bonus that they are built to last and have proven so by faithfully serving their occupants through every winter since 1957.

4. Become a bookworm

As mentioned above, when the days are cold and dark there’s nothing better than losing yourself in another world. In an age of digital saturation, many of us are reading less and less and depriving ourselves of this joy! Ask your flatmate/spouse/dog to deposit your phone somewhere you won’t find it for a few hours and lose yourself in something fabulous. Then keep your favourites in an equally fabulous bookcase.  

3. Stock up on blankets

With all those throws lying around, you’ll need somewhere to store them. A vintage trunk or wooden chest does just the trick and also lends your home instant character. They also make for an excellent hiding solution when unexpected guests drop round and you’re halfway through that brilliant new novel you finally started reading. Rumour has it that Austen used one for this very purpose.

2. Shake a tail feather

Wintry nights allow time to brush up on your cocktail making skills. Shake a tail feather or two with a stylish drinks trolley to showcase your favourite drinks. Whether you go for fashionable brass or mid century teak, there are so many gorgeous trolleys to choose from and they make whipping up a batch of Old Fashioneds all the more fun. Whether you’re 25 or 55, your parents will be impressed.

1.  Slow down!

Finally, just accept this season for what it is and carve out small moments to enjoy it. January and February are good months to rest following the busyness of Christmas and to recharge for the energetic Spring season ahead! Enjoy spending time in your home and make it a comfortable a place to be whether this looks like updating the furniture or simply enjoying some new mug-ware. Keep the faith, lighter and longer days are just around the corner!

Find all of these lovely things above in the Vinterior collection.

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Clever Winter Lighting Ideas to Keep You Warm and Cosy

Lighting is a key element of interior design, but also the most often overlooked feature in a home. It creates mood, provides character, highlights important elements of the room and enhances texture. As days go shorter and daylight turns scarce, artificial lighting takes on a lead role in keeping our homes warm and cosy and helping us beat the winter blues.

Don’t know where to start? Fret not, we’ve got you covered!

How to Get Scandinavian Modern Style

If functionality, simplicity and cosiness are what you are looking for in a home, you are probably already familiar with Scandinavian interior design. The biggest interior craze of the recent years, the Scandinavian style can be spotted everywhere, from residential to commercial spaces.
Let’s dig a little bit deeper and learn about the rich history of the Modern Scandinavian style and find out about its key features.