Ask an expert: Côte de Folk

Ask an expert: Côte de Folk

Sophie Rowell, Founder of Côte de Folk gave us her expert insight on how to tackle room renovations, what to think about when purchasing vintage furniture and where she goes when in need of inspiration.

How do you describe your interior design style and how has this evolved over the years?

I’d say it’s eclectic, authentic and homely. I love nothing more than breathing new life into worn, tired items and sourcing antiques and vintage pieces over buying anything new.

What do you use for inspiration when approaching a new project?

Nature and fashion. Even an antique fabric from my collection can be a starting block, but first and foremostly, I’m always led by the house itself and its occupants.

Top tips when choosing furniture for a space?

  1. Check, check and recheck its measurements!
  2. Ask yourself – do you love it or is it just ticking a box? If it’s the latter, hang on and wait to find the perfect piece it will always find its way to you…
  3. Is it doing what you need it to do? No point buying a beautiful looking chair if it’s so uncomfortable that no one ever wants to actually sit in it!

Your favourite vintage purchase?

God that’s hard – I have a weak spot for corner cabinets I’ve purchased about 4/5 now for my own home and for projects and each one has been beautiful in its own way. I’m also partial to a Swedish folk art chair…

Do you have a favourite design era?


1 piece of advice when buying vintage or antique?

Go with your gut.

Any favourite spots for inspiration?

Durslade Farmhouse in Somerset – its decor has a real wabi-sabi aesthetic. I’m also lucky enough to live right by the sea – so that and the sky is always an inspiration.

What is your best piece of renovation advice?

Don’t panic if things go ‘wrong’ it’s in the mistakes that the magic can happen – it makes you think on your feet and solve a problem which opens up ideas and creativity that wouldn’t otherwise of happened and…….go with the flow.


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