International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day

To celebrate International Women’s Day we are highlighting some of our brilliant female sellers and their curated vintage and antique collections.

Meet Anemone Interiors

Following a career in fashion journalism, Lia Briamonte decided to focus on her passion for sourcing beautiful vintage items, and Anemone Interiors was founded in 2019.

I have always loved hunting for gems at antique fairs. With that love for something old. I took the plunge and set up Anemone Interiors. My style is heavily influenced by my half-Italian heritage. I like to think that being female in what was once a male-dominated industry has changed people’s perception of the antique dealer.

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Meet Pato Interiors

Pato Interiors, founded by Katherine Westmacott was born out of a love of searching for beautiful, unusual interior furniture and accessories.

‘In the last few years, there has been a bit of an explosion of female lead businesses and interest in the industry, all doing a wide remit of jobs, some are sellers, or freelance writers, or interior designers and some doing a hybrid of all of it. I feel very lucky to have launched Pato Interiors during this time as the support from other women has been incredible. Not a week goes by without someone reaching out in a supportive way: be this a referral, a re-post, a share, advice, or purchasing. It’s very special to be part of such a lovely community. These relationships have been instrumental in helping me grow the business but also one of the things that make the space a real joy to work in. Having just had a baby the physical elements of the job have recently been the most challenging, not being able to lift much during pregnancy or now in the recovery is highly frustrating and a bit of a hindrance -especially as my favourite pieces always seem to be the heavy ones!’

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Meet Grace Sisters

Grace Sisters launched in 2020 with a mission to be sustainable. Their motto is ‘progress not perfection’ and they are strong believers in a buy better and buy less culture.

We both have a huge passion for two things, interiors, and sustainability, and setting up Grace Sisters, selling a mix of vintage furniture alongside an eclectic range of British modern craft and ethically sourced items was a perfect way to bring these things together. We love that beautiful old things bring personality to a room, at the same time as minimizing the environmental impact that shopping new would cause. It’s a win win!’

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Meet Living In Style Gallery

Founder Beata Szabo discovered her passion for art deco and mid-century modern furniture whilst living in Paris. She is widely regarded as a connoisseur and expert in mid-century modern, vintage, retro, and contemporary European furniture, and has more than 25 years of experience in sourcing unique and stylish mid-century modern furniture, lighting, mirrors and home accessories.

‘It’s sometimes a bit of a challenge to juggle the demands of two galleries, buying trips, exhibitions, and sales with being a mother but I love what I do’

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