FINDDA Interiors want to make sustainable interiors accessible to everybody

FINDDA Interiors want to make sustainable interiors accessible to everybody

FINDDA Interiors is a London design studio with a focus on making sustainable interior design accessible to people from all walks of life.

Comprised of co-founders Amy Goodman and Hewie Dalrymple, the team have dedicated many years to adopting a greener approach to interior design. FINDDA create spaces curated with love that reflect the values and sentiments of those living and working within. As part of our efforts to introduce more sustainable practices, we spoke to Amy Goodman of FINDDA Interiors to find out more about their process, and how we can all adopt a greener touch for our homes.

What is the story behind FINDDA? 

FINDDA was set up by a young couple in London to bridge the gap between first time, young, professional buyers and high end design. Removing the stereotypical, expensive elite service and opening it up to everyone who might need help with designing a space, from just one room to a full house from the ground up. FINDDA Interiors works alongside a fantastic project management team allowing projects to run seamlessly, and taking all pressures of organising and overseeing tradesmen. With a main focus on designing real homes to be loved and lived in, with a large focus on designing sustainably from local craftsmen and within the UK. 

How would you sum up the ethos behind FINDDA?

Designed with love and thought – A considered and thoughtful process, from where the client has their morning cup of coffee, to where their favourite mug is kept. Taking small everyday details into consideration within every interior.

What are the main inspirations behind your decor?

The clients personality and lifestyle is at the forefront of our design inspiration – Everything is beautifully designed and tailored to them with hidden practicality, comfort and quirks. 

Was there a turning point in which you decided to focus on sourcing/decorating sustainably?

The turning point was after seeing the amount of waste in high-end design, creating interiors for clients who will  rip a brand new home apart annually without a single thought about the process behind each piece of furniture. 
The highlight on fast fashion has not been pressed onto interiors yet with such great effect, which is very disappointing. Large and often non-sustainable retailers now have interior sections who will copy classic furniture design for very low prices – It rings alarm bells with us, for where they are being produced, by who and with what resources? It’s hard however not to fall for these low cost and lovely designs, and for budget projects it’s hard to stay away when the clients budget restrictions demand it. It would be great to see a movement away from this and more bespoke options available for us to steer clients towards. 

One of FINDDA’s top vintage picks – Vintage Green Painted Bedding Box Linen Box Trunk Storage

Have you noticed a change in attitude towards sustainability in interior design?

We have noticed a massive change within the last year – although as mentioned above people seem to take less of an interest when working to a tight budget, and sadly sustainability is the first thing to go which we would like to change. It would be fantastic to show off Vinterior to more people, and for more suppliers and designers to follow suite when curating items. 
We would love to create the platform for change, showcasing all sustainable suppliers under one roof, making it easier to shop and think about what material have been used and where they have come from, rather than dashing for convenience and price. 

Another vintage favourite – Extremely Rare Danish Paper Cord Chairs

How have you found the response to your methods of working?

The idea is widely liked and appreciated, although we need to highlight further the impact of buying from mass production further, and it would be great to see more designers and suppliers following this thought process. 

Number one tip for designing a unique and sustainable space?

Lots of planting is key, we love working with some UK based suppliers and we always recommend going for more and over what you think! 
Buy one-off pieces and visit auction houses, there are always great finds and often low costs for real design classics (Out of London can be better!) 
Always remember you can buy furniture and reupholster anything to make it tie in with your interior and really transform a piece which is totally unique and bespoke

What is one easy/accessible tip for everyday people to make their homes a bit greener?

Have more bins and label which is for recycling and which is for every day use – Making recycling part of the interior makes it so much easier to know how to divide and recycle properly. 
Glass jars for cereals and grains which you can take for refills, cutting down on packaging in the kitchen as well as looking beautiful on the side. 
One that is not only good for the environment but also your bills is switching over to LED bulbs, whether it is for ceiling lights or bedside lamps, the numbers can really add up. 

What would the next dream project look like?

We would love to design a home where everything is sourced within the UK and nothing is shipped. It would include incredible bespoke joinery made by our amazing joiners, and a collection of bespoke and vintage furniture, lighting and accessories curated by our design team. Intertwined with a new level of sustainable living with efficient heating and electrics to compliment the interior. Every piece would tell its own story and go on to create a new one with the client – it would be a combination of a real highlight on craftsmanship and intuitive design, however still creating a real home. 


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