Creating the perfect home atmosphere with Evermore London

Creating the perfect home atmosphere with Evermore London

Mavericks in the world of design and luxury are few and far between, so landing upon an individual who pours heart and soul into their work is as inspiring as it is refreshing. Sarah Bell, of Evermore London,  fits this description. Emblazoned by a passion for cleaner fragrances and sustainable luxury, Evermore was built with the promise of guilt-free decadence that gives back, providing natural longlasting fragrances that fill your homes.


How did the Evermore begin? What was your story leading up until Evermore began?
I began my career working in social media and content for fashion and beauty brands. It feels like a lifetime ago now, but those eight years taught me so much. I was happy in what I was doing, but I was starting to feel the pull to do my own thing. I remember purchasing a candle-making kit online and did a little research into the ingredients I was supplied with. I was shocked to read the details on paraffin wax and the phthalates found in synthetic fragrances. It was following this that I became obsessed with looking for natural, cleaner alternatives. The brand grew organically over the next five years; last year we had the opportunity to rebrand and the response so far as been immense.

You ethos seems to be candles with a conscience, what was the inspiration behind having sustainability as a core value? What has the response been?
It was always something that was hugely important to me. Since launching over five years ago, the brand has always had nature at its core. Since rebranding early last year, we wanted to really hone in on what small changes we can incorporate to help make a difference. From our ingredients to our packaging, we try hard to make responsible choices. We’re by no means perfect, but small changes make all the difference. We’re always constantly looking ahead to see how we can improve what we do and eventually hope to close the loop on our production cycle.

How would you describe your personal interior style?
I’ve always had a soft spot for vintage interiors. There’s nothing I love more than finding hidden treasures at flea markets or online. I’m a big fan of soft colours with colourful accents and bright accessories, but they have to be introduced over time. I prefer to live in a space for some time before making big decisions. We’ve lived in our current home for over five years now and it’s only just in the last couple of years or so that each room has started to build its own character. Having said that, I also change my mind – a lot. I’m very indecisive and often change my mind as quickly as I’ve made it, which drives my husband mad!

What are your creative inspirations? Do you have any design influences that you hold dear?
Reading, travel and childhood memories. I feel like the core pillars of Evermore stem from my childhood (and adult) fascination with the universe and astrology. I remember when I was at school, my friends and I would read books on witchcraft and conduct spells ripped out of ’90s magazines. That element of magic and wonder is definitely a huge influence.

How would you furnish your dream home? (if you haven’t got your dream home already!)
My husband and I have grand plans to build our own home one day, so this would technically be my dream home. I already can’t stop thinking about how I would decorate it, it pretty much involves all the things I would like to do to my current home. I would love a big country cottage-inspired kitchen, with lots of light flooding in from large glass panel windows, tongue and groove kitchen cabinets all in a neutral cream shade and wooden worktops. I’ve been itching to have sealed plaster walls for some time now, so I would definitely like to incorporate that somewhere. Furniture-wise, it would be a mix of old and new. We’ve collected beautiful furniture over the years including a large G-plan unit and an Ercol dining table and chairs. For the bathroom, I would absolutely love to have a bath and sink from Water Monopoly, I’m in love with everything they do.

How important are things like fragrances and candles to creating the perfect ambience in a home?
Personally I think they’re very important, a fragrance can change the feel of a space almost instantly. Top notes and citrus scents, for example, are energising, whilst heavy base notes such a clove and oud are more comforting, making you want to curl up on the sofa. Scent is of course, very subjective and everyone has their personal preferences. There’s also nothing more soothing than flickering candlelight when you want to relax and take some time for yourself.

It’s quite significant that your brand focuses on giving back to the earth and documenting your progress, what inspired that?
We don’t like to call ourselves a ‘sustainable’ brand, but we definitely want to be known as responsible. The whole brand ethos is tied to nature, everything about our candles stems from the natural world – the seasons, the universe, the elements, astrology – these aspects of life have always been a personal interest of mine, and have translated through to Evermore. We think it’s really important for brands to give back where they can, and for us, that’s the environment. I really admire companies such as Patagonia for their social and environmental responsibility, it’s hugely inspiring.

How big of a part does sustainability play in your day to day life?
As a household, we make every effort to live as sustainably as we can. We stopped eating red meat a few years ago and that’s something that I feel makes a huge difference and we’re very particular about not letting food go to waste in our house. We also try to by local where we can. It’s sometimes easy to become all consumed by it and worry that you’re not doing enough, but it’s so important for us all to do our bit, no matter how small. I recently signed up to a sustainable razor company called FFS that delivers your razor heads to the door; the used ones can then be sent back to be recycled. There are a number of companies out there at the moment who are offering alternatives to products now considered environmentally damaging. It’s definitely a privilege to be able to shop this way, and I understand that not everyone can.

Where do you hope Evermore takes you in the future?
I’ve met so many inspiring people along the way, so I would love to continue meeting more and more – people I’ve learnt so much from and wouldn’t have been possible had I not started Evermore. We want to continue down the path we’re going; our hope is to close the loop on our production – taking back glass jars and offering wax refills to those that want to keep hold of them. We’ve got a long way to go, but that’s the end goal.

If you had to pick, what are your 3 favourite scents and why (could be an evermore candle or just any fragrance you love or that evokes a memory for you.)
I really love the scent of our Tides candle – wild fig, thyme and cedar – it’s such an unusual combination. The smell of YSL’s Opium perfume will forever remind me of my childhood and my mum; she used to bathe herself in it. And the smell of a struck match after it’s gone out, I can’t get enough of that smokey, ember-y scent.


Images courtesy of Evermore London

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