Pantone Colour of 2019: Pretty in (Coral) Pink

Pantone Colour of 2019: Pretty in (Coral) Pink

Pantone has recently announced its official colour of 2019 and it’s a real go-getter. Taking inspiration from under the seas, the vibrant shade selected for this year coming year is Living Coral. A whimsical cousin to the demure dusty rose or über modern millennial pink, coral embodies qualities which are both playful and sophisticated. This arresting colour encompasses the spectrum of shades which stretch out between feminine pink and vibrant orange, serving as a celebratory hybrid of both. To some though, coral might feel like a slightly intimidating shade to use in the home. How to use it and where to start? If you’re intrigued, read on for five reasons why we think coral is worth the effort!

  1. It looks fantastic on upholstery

If you want to make a colour statement this year, coral is a brilliant choice. Marry it with velvet, a surprisingly sturdy fabric, and you have a match made in haberdashery heaven. Think the fabulous uses of colour that we see in mid century period dramas. Marvellous Mrs Maisel’s 1950s cherry red sofas are a great example. If a sofa is too big a commitment, inject playful bursts of colour with a pair of cocktail chairs. More so the excuse for a mid week homemade mojito!

  2. It’s a mood lifter

When we look at how different colours impact our mood, shades of coral and orange have an energising influence on us. Bold and beautiful, they also stimulate creativity and give rise to feelings of optimism. However, coral doesn’t necessarily have to be bright to give us that – often needed – boost of energy. Too much bright colour and our homes might actually have the adverse effect, over-stimulating our senses and leaving us feeling frazzled. Paler notes of muted coral will do much to sooth and reinvigorate, in the same way a jugful of pink peonies will ease the eyes and lift the mood. Whether on a wall, a throw or a teacup, get acquainted with coral and create blithe pockets of colour around your home.

3. It complements other colours beautifully

Coral Fabric Print

The multifaceted nature of coral means that it can be matched with a huge array of both warm and cool colours. Unlike purple, which can be a bit awkward, coral will sit beautifully along a host of hues from mint green to mauve to peacock blue. Top tip? It can be easier to balance a centrepiece in a bright ‘warm’ colour – for example a key piece of furniture like a sofa – with a cooler surrounding palette than vice versa. It opens up the space from within and avoids any sense of feeling boxed in by overly intense walls.

4. It can be both modern and retro

As mentioned above, an elegant coral sofa wouldn’t go amiss in the mid century Upper Westside apartment of the acerbically witty Mrs Maisel. Take inspiration from iconic mid century design and recreate your own stylish yet whimsical home by finding fun ways to introduce colour. Why not re-upholster and breathe new life into that sleek mid century sofa with a dose of lively coral? Or sip coffee from a set of retro vintage pink glasses? Alternatively, lend warmth to an ultra modern or minimalist interior with some coral accessories. Colour needn’t mean fuss: the sophisticated warmth of coral adds character without distracting from the essential tone of the room. This could arrive in the form of a modernist lamp or a striking piece of wall art.

5. It’s a colour for everyone

Image credit: Glamour Magazine

Some people hear coral and immediately think pink and ultra ‘feminine’. Whilst we live in an age which is beginning to transcend the assignment of colour to particular gender, coral is intriguing in that it does not subscribe cleanly to the qualities still connoted by singular colours. Creating a coral haven doesn’t necessarily mean forging the living room version of Legally Blonde. Depending on the atmosphere you want to create, softer tints of nectarine can be used to create a calming space whilst deeper hues of bold coral, think pink peppercorn, will add drama and sophistication. Veer towards the burnt orange end of the coral spectrum to add notes of mature colour which still lend depth and warmth to a space.

Ready to get inspired?! Browse an array of vintage coral furniture and accessories here.

Image credit: Pantone.com

Title image credit: Amara.com

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  1. Rhian

    Lovely blog extract Vinterior! I love this colour, it’s fresh yet meaningful – there’s a subtle connotation to the increasing concern around our oceans and the environment I think, and it’s a positive way that our Design industry can get involved. Thank you.

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