Maximalist Homes: The Next Trend?

Maximalist Homes: The Next Trend?

Will 2017 be the year of the Maximalist? Will the tidal wave of the mid-century trend and nordic sensibility finally give way to an avalanche of colour, texture and ‘more, more and more?’

Maximalist style is the antithesis of minimalist design and often, dramatically daring in it’s embellishment. A real feast for the eyes, this style actually requires a lot of research, sourcing, layering and confidence. Placement is everything. Too much and it risks looking ‘forced’ or bordering on kitsch. One reason we admire maximalist design is that it often uses quirky, vintage designs to its strength. These pieces tend to appear timeless, even if the decor is new, as if they’ve been in the owner’s collection for a long time.

One of the greatest maximalist rooms of all time is a collaboration between two of the most stylish men of all time—Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Bergé. Their incredible Left Bank abode was a design lesson in maximalism and an expression of a life well lived. From African artefacts collected on their travels to one of the most beautiful modernist art collections from all time, their home was an exploration in maximalism.


So what will maximalism look like in 2017? Below is an example of the home of Molly Luetkemeyer of M. Design based in LA. Her take on maximalism references nature, with lush green wallpaper almost acting as a neutral against a faux zebra-skin rug and bright yellow sideboard. She expertly mixes a chandelier that references nature with statuesque vases and a vintage mirror, just seen. Finally, she adds some curves with mid-century Wishbone chairs and custom seat cushions. Independently, each object and colour is strong and powerful, yet somehow it works seamlessly together. A lesson in the magic of maximalism.


It’s unusual to be living in a time when maximalism looks fresh, vital, and relevant, so I say take advantage. Pick the pieces that move you, and style it well.

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