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  1. On first impression this pink townhouse living room has a lot going on! Bursting with a cacophony of prints, it immediately feels playful and welcoming. Traditional details, such as the chesterfield button back on the sofa, counter this playfulness by lending a note of sophistication and style.
Image credit: instagram.com/stiltje.se

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2. Against the moody charcoal backdrop, this velvet green sofa practically glows! Olive green and copper complement each other beautifully, the latter’s rich metallic warmth shimmering next to those rich jewel tones. An autumnal scheme, this living room is an example of colour done right: bold and opulent, understated and elegant all at once.

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3. This expansive hallway has very high ceilings and huge windows! With so much light streaming into the space, it might start to quickly feel a bit cold and airy. The designer has countered this by painting the walls a soft eggshell hue. This both modernises and warms the hallway.

Image credit: houseandgarden.co.uk

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4. This living room, brimming with antique finds, is certainly traditional! A whisper from the past, it feels as if someone might appear at any moment proffering a tray of scones and afternoon tea. The timeworn quality of the rug exudes timeless charm. Careful to optimise the cool temperature of the colour scheme, teal grey walls meet with dark wooden floors to create a calming interior.

Image credit: 1st-option.com

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