How To Use Art To Inspire Your Interior Design

How To Use Art To Inspire Your Interior Design

You hear about the world around you inspiring art, but do we really use art enough to inspire our interior design? We have teamed up with our friends over at Rise Art to showcase an example of how statement pieces of art can set off the tone and your imagination for your interior design. We like to think of them as pre-made mood boards to inspire you on your collection…

So, why not choose a couple of pieces of art that inspire you and look carefully at the colours, textures and shapes used to then provoke your interior design collection. We have given it a go with 6 pieces.


With the aged copper and contrasting deep blues in the first piece by Gina Parr, and the mix match layered and peeling effect in Dave Robertson’s piece – This has inspired an Industrial Copper collection with furniture and decor from Vinterior.

Screen Shot 2018-07-23 at 16.35.32
Puthenthope India by Gina Parr
Screen Shot 2018-07-23 at 16.35.15
Subtraction No. 3 by Dave Robertson

We think this aged look copper pendant lamp pulls colours and tones from both images and really sets off the industrial collection. Why not get three to create a striking look over dining table or use one for a centre piece in a your lounge?

trendy-distressed-large-metal-pendant-lamp-shades-industrial-chic-rough-luxe (1)
Copper Plate Lamp Shade – £24.99

These industrial work stools mix the metal and wooden tones we see in the paintings and really shout ‘industrial’. They bring an instant style to any study, or could be used along an industrial table and bench for a mix match dining table look.

Industrial Work Stools by Robert Wagner For Rowac – £320

Dashes of black, as seen in the painting give off an industrial look and work very well with any copper tones (in wood or metal furniture). We think these hanging pendant lamps bring an edgy style and could be used for the office or the home.

Set of 3 Dark Grey Pendant Lights – £370.50

As with the painting above the non uniformity of textures and the celebration of bumps, scratches, peeling or fading is quintessentially industrial. You can celebrate these quirks with this metal cabinet/ industrial filing cabinet and bring an instant industrial look to any home.

Industrial Metal Cabinet – Stafor Valve Box – £1250

The wonderful copper and burnt wood tones of this factory bench is the perfect industrial desk for home or office alike.

German Industrial Factory Bench – £695



For those living in the city, there is a lot of appeal in bringing the jungle inside. We are in a time where we are embracing more and more plants in to our home giving us the popular urban jungle or ‘Jungalow’ look. These paintings from Rise Art are neither focused on the countryside or even outside for that matter, however the colours, textures and shapes inspire our next collection – Urban Jungle.

Screen Shot 2018-07-24 at 09.42.37
Barbican Conservatory By Jacqueline Colley
Screen Shot 2018-07-24 at 09.45.35
The greatest circus performance II. By Edina Gulyas

Every urban jungle home needs some green. Done well, combining green shades with plants creates a wonderful outdoors/inside feel to your interior. Large velvet sofas bring drama and a bit of luxury to the home. We like this vintage modular sofa in green velvet which can be configured to suit your lounge layout. vintage-green-velvet-modular-sofa-1970s

Vintage Green Velvet Modular Sofa – £1284

You can bring an element of plants in to the home without the weekly watering and pruning – with a palm print. The pattern on this lampshade is perfect for those who want the palm print with a bit of subtlety.

Tropical Print Light Shade – Mind The Gap Jardin – £115

Tropical inspired homes are not complete without a bit of rattan or wicker. The orange/wooden tones set off the greens exceptionally well. We like this simple circular wicker chair from the 70s.

Wicker chair – 1970s – £333.50

In a jungalow home you need – you’ve guessed it, plants! Bringing a vintage edge to your home with this two tiered plant stand works well to feature hanging plants and any oddities you want to display.

plant-stand-mid-century-plant-stand-plant-stand-tiered-tiered-plant-stand-plant-stands-indoor-vintage-plant-stand-kidney-table-boho (2)
Mid Century Plant Stand Table – £320

Bringing natural textures and materials help to create that urban jungle look. This woven basket does just that. Why not stick a striking cheese plant leaf or a few eucalyptus sprigs in the top to complete the look?

Binga Calabash Basket – £50



Often less is more, and when browsing Rise Art photographs, we came across two images which sparked our imagination for a minimal collection – for those needing a bit of calm and serenity in their interior design.

Hydrometeor #04 by Juliet Piper
Hydrometeor #04 by Juliet Piper
Grey Calm by Nadia Attura
Grey Calm by Nadia Attura

The psychology of white in interior design brings serenity, calm and a feeling of cleanliness. For lighting we think this minimal pendant lamp would set off the mood lighting in a spacious lounge.

Poul Henningson PH4 Pendant Lamp in White - For Louis Poulsen
Poul Henningson PH4 Pendant Lamp in White – For Louis Poulsen – £275

Part chair, part hammock we love this minimal lounge chair in chrome and white. The use of chrome or silver tones set off white interiors well. Use sparingly however, as to not look bring the look too much into ‘dentist’ territory.

Minimalistic lounge chair - Marcello Cuneo - £790
Minimalistic lounge chair – Marcello Cuneo – £790

This collection is all about minimalism, and often desks and workspaces are the complete opposite. We love this ingenious Flapps desk in crisp white – to be folded down when needed, and folded away when not. It comes in multiple different variations, colours and for many different purposes.

Flapps Fold Down Desk – £207

Our minimal interiors collection would not be complete without a sensual grey velvet sofa with clean lines and almost cloud like appearance inspired by the hazy skies in both photos. This Jonathan Adler Ether sofa is our favourite example. Curved? Velvet? Yes please.

Jonathan Adler Ether Sofa In Ice Velvet
Jonathan Adler Ether Sofa In Ice Velvet – £3950


Why not head over to Rise Art to pick a piece of art for your home and to inspire your next interior design project.


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