We will rock you… with these timeless vintage chairs

We will rock you… with these timeless vintage chairs

Rocking chairs hold a timeless presence in our homes. The gentle motion to and fro motion – with a tea in one hand and preferably a biscuit in the other – can be quite soothing at the end of a long day. With their curving rockers, these chairs have a graceful, and often quite sculptural, appearance. They can also help to create a sense of movement in an otherwise static space. Rocking chairs might conjure up images of grandmothers knitting away but this selection is anything but outdated. From utopian, abstract designs to sweeping, sculptural frames, Vinterior has the rocking chair to suit every persuasion. Each model described in three words, let us rock your world – sorry – with this inspiring selection below…

  1. Artisanal, organic, seventies.

2. Classic, curving, graceful.

3. Minimal, calm, modernist.

4. Sweeping, postmodern, chic.

5. Rattan, bohemian, angular.

6. Artistic, playful, statement.

7. Abstract, sculptural, utopian.

8. Unconventional, animated, nimble.

Rocka-buy a chair for your home from our collection of chic antique and vintage models. Browse the full selection here!

Title image: www.stylight.fr

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