Vintage sideboards for every lifestyle, budget and taste

Vintage sideboards for every lifestyle, budget and taste

The art of homemaking is all about discovering new, exciting ways to integrate practicality, beauty and positive emotions within the walls we live in. It is as much about falling in love with the piece as it is about its mere functionality. Mindful decisions based on our authentic needs and values triumph over interior inspiration we stumble upon on Pinterest and in interior magazines, but when it comes to the ability to both serve and dazzle, not all furniture is created equal. Meet the interior champion, a workhorse, an eye candy, both an investment and a budget piece candidate, its majesty – the vintage sideboard.

A sideboard, storage cabinet, credenza or buffet, call it as you please, but we promise that there is one for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a convenient solution to your growing storage needs, or you are on a hunt for the game-changing statement piece, picking up a vintage sideboard will be the decision you won’t come to regret.

Vintage sideboards for every lifestyle, budget and taste
Image source: Style Mutt Home

A vintage sideboard for every room in the house

The first sideboards may have originated in the dining room, but these days you can pop one anywhere you feel you could use a little extra storage (along with some character).

Whether you are looking for a stylish way to keep the hallway clutter under control, or if you are contemplating over the idea of an unconventional TV station in the living room, a vintage sideboard is the most logical choice. 

Vintage sideboards for every lifestyle, budget and taste

A Vintage Jade Green Antique Sideboard

And when we say every room – we mean EVERY ROOM! The most unexpected, yet most effective place to put a vintage sideboard is the bathroom. Instead of opting for a standard bathroom vanity, take a leap and go for a vintage sideboard. A carefully selected vintage sideboard will, like no other furniture piece, help you infuse character into one of the most mundane of rooms in the house. 

A transformed vintage sideboard will add a touch of sophistication while at the same time serve as both handy and affordable alternative.

Bespoke vintage bathroom vanity

Bespoke Double Sink Bathroom Vanity

There is one for everyone

Whether you prefer an antique or a mid-century look, large or small scale furniture, streamlined or detailed surfaces, we guarantee you’ll be able to source the perfect piece without much hustle. 

There is a sideboard to match every taste and price point, so don’t settle until you find THE one. Here at Vinterior, we are all about falling in love with furniture that resonates with your values and aesthetic, and then bringing that love back home, so can count on us to assist you in your search. 

Vintage sideboards for every lifestyle, budget and taste

Stag Coal Black Sideboard With 6 Drawers And Original Handles

Minimalist vintage sideboard

Rosewood Sideboard Minimal Design, Italy, 1960s

How to pick the right vintage sideboard

Before you go rushing into any purchasing decisions, there are a couple of questions you need to ask yourself first. 

  • What kind of ambience am I looking to create?

Depending on the stylistic direction you decide to pursue, your choice of a vintage sideboard may vary significantly. 

  • How much space do I have at my disposal?

No matter how visually pleasing it may be, a sideboard must fit its dedicated space and be able to serve its function.

Vintage sideboards for every lifestyle, budget and taste

Antique Sideboard Buffet Server Chiffonier Flame Mahogany Cabinet Cupboard

  • What material is the best choice for my space? 

Different interior styles are often represented by different materials, and not all of them are equally suited to withstand wear and tear. Before becoming attached to a specific type of a sideboard, make sure it will be able to serve its future function first.

Whether you are into the eclectic, modern or boho interior style, you can hardly go wrong with solid wood. Teak is also incredibly versatile and resilient, but if you plan on using the sideboard in a humid space you might want to think twice before opting for veneer.

  • How much am I willing to spend on a vintage sideboard?

As we already mentioned, there is a perfect sideboard for people from all walks of life. One can easily score a vintage beauty for a song, but also unearth some of the most amazing investment pieces that will continue to stay relevant in decades to come. 

It is up to you to straighten your priorities.

Vintage sideboards for every lifestyle, budget and taste

Sideboard Drinks Cabinet Or Cocktail Cabinet, Mid Century Retro Style In Black With Gold Trim, Automatic Light, Drinks Prep Area

  • Am I willing to test my DIY skills with this sideboard?

For those who don’t get timid by the idea of digging their toes into the world of sending and painting just to be able to enjoy the perks of owning a one-of-a-kind masterpiece – solid wood vintage sideboards are the best bet. 

But while it’s always worth keeping an eye on the remarkable furniture with DIY potential, we don’t think anyone should be pressured into embarking on a DIY project just because everyone’s digging it. 

Luckily, these days many sellers offer to revamp their vintage furniture according to their clients wishes, so if you are not into DIY, this doesn’t mean you won’t be able to personalise your favourite sideboard in any way you wish.

Mid-century modern teak sideboard with planter

Mid Century Teak Sideboard With Planter By Arne Wahl Iversen For Vinde Møbelfabrik

Different styles of vintage sideboards

Antique sideboards are a versatile group, yet incredibly easy to spot. They come in solid wood and manifest superior craftsmanship skills.

Vintage sideboards for every lifestyle, budget and taste

Very Large Heavy French Heavily Carved Ornate Oak Antique Sideboard In Taupe And Wood

Victorian sideboards are famous for their robust build, dark stain and decorative flourishes. They are usually large and impressive.

Vintage sideboards for every lifestyle, budget and taste

Large Victorian Mahogany Sideboard Dresser Hand Painted In A Rich Navy Mineral Paint With Gold Detail

Mid-century modern sideboards like all mid-mod furniture are simple, sleek and streamlined. Its effortless style and superior production quality made the mid-century modern sideboard a star of many homes built around a variety of different influences and aesthetics.

Fresco teak sideboard for G plan

Fresco Teak Sideboard By V.B. Wilkins For G Plan, 1960s

Vintage sideboards for every lifestyle, budget and taste

Mid Century Modern Hand Painted Birch Sideboard, 1960sMid Century Modern Hand Painted Birch Sideboard, 1960s

Scandinavian sideboards are often seen as the mid-century modern twinster. Similar to their siblings, they praise simple designs and absence of ornamentation.

Vintage sideboards for every lifestyle, budget and taste

Vintage Ry 26 Oak Sideboard By Hans J. Wegner For Ry Møbler

Shabby chic sideboards (or the French country) are typically made of pine and usually painted white.

Vintage sideboards for every lifestyle, budget and taste

Large Dutch Walnut Antique Sideboard Unit Cabinet Buffet In Cream Gold Handles

Asian sideboards show love of geometry and glossy finishes. The designs are simple and robust with oversized handles.

Asian vintage sideboard

Low Tianjin Sideboard

Indonesian vintage sideboard

Indonesian Hardwood Decorative Sideboard

Art deco sideboards are a modern interpretation of classic designs. They show an array of advanced decorative veneers, yet the overall look is pared-down, streamlined and refined.

Art deco vintage sideboard

Art Deco Sideboard Dresser Hand Painted In A Charcoal Chalk Paint

For more vintage sideboards and cabinets, make sure to check out this link.

Feature image: Style Mutt Home

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