The most beautiful vintage vases on Vinterior

The most beautiful vintage vases on Vinterior

It’s finally Spring! What is better than a beautiful vase filled with fresh blooms? Beloved vases often turn into heirlooms which pass through different family members and become treasured pieces in our own homes. We love this selection of stunning vintage and antique designs ready and waiting to have new life breathed into them!

  1. This Danish stoneware vase in mid century colours is a beauty and would look wonderful throughout the seasons. Picture it filled with pink tulips in Spring and and orange-red leaves in Autumn!

2. This classic Chinese blue and white flower vase is a beautiful piece to introduce into your home at this time of year. The fresh blue adds a much needed vibrant note of colour as the grey months fade away! Although, we would love this filled with red berries in Winter too.

3. This vintage baluster-shaped vase is a reproduction of what is known as ‘Jun Ware’, a type of Chinese pottery which dates to the Song dynasty (960 – 1269 AD). Its glossy pastel colours make this a stunning Spring vase, perfect with a sprig or two of craspedia!

4. This Italian 1960s vase boasts a pleasing blend of colours, mixing acrid mustard yellow with softer olive greens and browns. We also like the textured motifs which are etched into the facade… it would look fabulous sitting amid a jungle of houseplants.

5. This modernist blue glass vase is called Pablo and was designed in 1976 by Finnish designer Erkkitapio Siiroinen. It’s definitely one of Vinterior’s more unusual vases but again we love the singing blue glass and feel that Pablo would look very at home filled with some willow catkin branches.

6. A very pink pair of 19th century Opaline vases! For those seeking pinkspiration, look no further. A pair of vases is a great way to add pleasing symmetry to a space, picture these two either side of a mantlepiece or on bed stands. Pink tulips might too much here but for a more luxurious feel, fill these with white roses. If pink isn’t your colour, no fear! Here is a collection of all pairs of vases.

7. This exquisite Art Nouveau Royal Copenhagen vase is covered in a stunning motif of snowberries. Imagine boughs of eucalyptus leaning out of this beauty. The unevenness of the glaze in places lends the vase vintage character… at Vinterior we detest the perfection of the mass-made!

Above are just seven different kinds of vintage and antique vases found on Vinterior. Click on the collections below to find a stunning vase for your own home…

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