The land of nod beckons: the most beautiful vintage bed frames on Vinterior

The land of nod beckons: the most beautiful vintage bed frames on Vinterior

The way we choose to design our bedrooms is significant – after all, it is the first environment we wake up to in the morning. Greeting an impersonal, unkempt space first thing can set us off on the wrong note. The expression ‘to get up on the wrong side of bed’ must have originated somewhere! So, it’s worth putting thought into how your bedroom looks. Where better to start than by finding a characterful bed frame? It is a key piece of furniture which will inspire the surrounding decor. The most appealing interiors are often an eclectic mix of styles. Choose a statement bed to lend immediate interest and flair.

Vintage and antique bed frames are built to last so banish all thoughts of a flimsy modern mass produced model! From antique mahogany frames to industrial cast iron models and sleek mid century designs, there is a unique bed frame for every budget, lifestyle and taste. Enjoy this selection below and don’t forget to have a browse through the full collection on Vinterior. Sweet dreams!

  1. An impressive antique Victorian bed frame made from rich walnut and mahogany.
Antique Victorian Bed Frame in Walnut and Mahogany

2. Keeping it sleek and chic with a minimalist Danish bed frame.

Danish 1960s minimalist bed frame

3. A feast for the eyes, this champion of folk design is adorned with hand painted motifs detailing the natural world. An outstanding vintage find!

4. Can you get much cooler than Bauhaus? We think not. The tubular chrome frame lends this bed frame very unique character.

Czech 1930s Bauhaus bed frame

5. This demi-corbeille French double bed has a timeless botanical upholstery and would look stunning in a country house setting.

6. Mid century modern triumphs again with this simplistic yet sophisticated bed frame, complete with inbuilt side tables for handy storage.

6. The kids in Mary Poppins probably drifted off to the land of nod in these charming French cast iron twin beds.

7. This industrial bed frame is made out of scaffolding. It belongs in a loft warehouse interior… or perhaps an eclectic period townhouse!

King size Industrial bed frame

Explore all the vintage and antique bed frames on Vinterior here!

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