Inspiring vintage table scapes for summer dinner parties

Inspiring vintage table scapes for summer dinner parties

The word tablescape might reduce some people to groans. Not another niche fad, we hear you cry! Dinner parties conjure up enough stress just thinking about the food, let alone table decor. For others though, the task of creating a beautiful dining experience is a real pleasure. A term coined to tidily describe a styled table, tablescapes are not just a pop up trend saturating your Instagram feed. Much pleasure is derived from sitting down to a eat at a pretty table, but it needn’t demand serious effort.

Is creating a tablescape an unattainable standard for most of us? It shouldn’t be. You don’t need a florist on fast dial or an eye for perfect symmetry to create a lovely dinner setting. With a little forethought, you can pull together an attractive table with surprising ease, even using things already in your home. Using plates, candlesticks, glasses and cutlery, there are many ways that vintage accessories will lend that touch of extra character to your table. Whilst we would never deny that food is the most important part of any dinner party – it also doesn’t hurt to spend a few minutes thinking about the table. Weave some foliage from the garden throughout the centre and nestle a candlestick or two among the leaves. Place a daisy on each plate or some leftover rosemary on each napkin. Buy yourself some napkins!

These tablescapes below sing of flower filled summer dinner parties and stylish cosy autumn nights. Remember – they’re not the benchmark, just some style inspiration. Munch away.

  1. Place a simple block colour plate on top of something ornate or chintzy to create an easy but attractive place setting. The scattered buds are a playful touch, helping to relax the whole look. Why go to the florist – this thread of roses looks as if it as been plucked straight out of the garden!

2. You will never regret having some fabulous candleholders to hand. Perfect for winter nights, they will help to create a cosy ambience – which is all you need. Add drama by using different coloured candles; these unconventional dark ones lend drama and autumnal atmosphere. Alternatively in Spring, pale green candles will add a pretty splash of colour.

Image: pinimg.com

3. A brilliant yet very simple idea – using fruit! Fruit abounds in natural patterns and a host of vibrant colours. The designer of this table has created a playful contrast between summery blue-white plates and a bright dash of citric colour. The woven mats beneath create a relaxed, friendly vibe.

Image: fablouise.nl

4. Despite what your grandmother told you, don’t fret about mismatching plates. We think they are a bonus! There is much charm to be found in an eclectic array of different colours and prints. Accentuate this with a variety of napkins, each one adorned with a simple flower.

Image: hellofashionblog.com

5. Throw some blooms loosely into jam jars for a rustic garden party feel. This is a great way to enjoy flowers which are just beginning to turn: any petals which fall can be scattered across the table. Breathe new life into chintzy outdated china by pairing it with a flourish of exuberant colour. Perhaps some bright linen napkins or coloured glasses?

Image: antiquitea.com

6. Antique or vintage vases will carry off a tablescape without need of any supporting accessories. Fill them with simple armfuls of greenery or boughs of red berries in the winter. Easy, peasy.

Image: instagram.com/parkerkennedyliving

Enjoy rummaging through our selection of beautiful vintage plates and other tableware.

Title image: hellofashionblog.com

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