Fill your Home with Art: Botanical Prints

Fill your Home with Art: Botanical Prints

Did you know that Vinterior has a fabulous collection of vintage botanical prints? Originally illustrated in Germany, these stunning prints have retained their vivid colours and exquisite attention to detail. Covering a host of flowers and plants, the illustrations make for an eye-catching and joyful decorative addition to the home. Whether you’re naturally drawn to maximalist interiors or have a blank wall in need of something special, why not consider finding a botanical print which brings some of the glorious outdoors in?

  1. The vibrant reds and oranges of the apples in this illustration sing off the page. Perfect for adding notes of energising colour into your home or picking up on other accents in the space! This could be a lovely one for a kitchen space.

2. The darker background against which sit these silver birch illustrations is definitely one for charcoal lovers. We love how the green leaves really pop against the dark grey.

3. This pussy willow print combines all of the most beautiful muted mid century colours, from teal blue to mustard yellow and sofa grey. A really stunning print.

4. This one for botanical lovers! We can imagine this apple blossom print sitting beautifully in a maximalist period home. The variety of pinks give it a feminine edge without being too overt. It evokes all the loveliness of Spring!

5. This print has a charming illustrative quality. It looks like it belongs in a 1950s school classroom, giving it huge vintage character! The variety of painted blossoms is a lovely way to brush up on your knowledge of local flora… see what you can spot out in the streets!

6. As we run up to Spring, this gorgeous green gradient provides a welcome burst of colour and wonderfully complements any houseplants you may have dotted around. This print would look especially stunning in a bohemian leafy interior.

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