Decorative objects: what’s in the Vinterior treasure trove?

Decorative objects: what’s in the Vinterior treasure trove?

Vinterior is for those who love to seek out people, places and pieces with real character, soul and stories. We bypass the new in favour of the nuanced! For fellow desirers and discoverers of distinctive homeware – from vintage toy cars to space age alarm clocks – we have selected just ten rather unique finds. We hope that these rare decorative objects inspire some equally extraordinary corners of your home. To browse the many thousands of characterful one off pieces in the Vinterior collection, click just here.

  1. These pretty Victorian floral jelly moulds would add interest to any wall… unless you use them as they were originally intended and get jelly-making!

2. Don’t wake up to any old generic alarm clock. With its egg like contours suspended on a chrome foot, his Space Age model is as stylish as it is unusual!

3. A rustic brassy candlestick adds a romantic twist of vintage charm to your mantlepiece. The unfolding rosebud is a lovely detail.

4. Adorned with whimsical forest scenes, this pair of blue and white antique Japanese vases withstand the test of time. A favourite colour duo since time immemorial, these vases lend both colour and charm to our homes.

5. Colour your home with this amber set of Bohemian glassware, textured with a unique mid century bubble effect. Great for a stylish drinks party!

Amber Bohemian vase and set of glasses by Max Kannegiesser For Egermann, 1960s

6. A little eccentricity never hurt anyone. Set against a florid backdrop, these nonchalant figures have been plucked out of their historical context and dropped into a surreal dreamscape of pink and lilac.

7. A colourful array of vintage toy cars is one way to bring witty retro vibes to your decor scheme. Scatter them across a windowsill or your coffee table for a playful alternative to more conventional accessories.

8. A mid century alternative to tea cups, each glass sat cosily in a grass green holder. Now all that is needed is a chic retro teapot to accompany.

9. If you’re a fan of sticking pronged potatoes into pools of melted cheese, these unique bamboo cane fondue forks will come in handy. A wonderful 1950s find.

Twelve Swiss fondue forks, 1950s

10. Adorned with flocks of birds weaving in and out of bamboo groves, this elegant screen will bring an enchanting touch of the outdoor realm into the home interior.

Not found your perfect piece yet? Enjoy this collection of phenomenal decorative objects here.


Image credit: architecturaldigest.com

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