Create your own characterful living room with these timeless antique finds

Create your own characterful living room with these timeless antique finds

No other interior style lends itself to a marriage of eras and patterns as gracefully as global. Generously layered with antiques and worldly touches, this chic living room is ageless and very personal.

Honoring the diversity of cultures from Scandinavia to Africa and all the way to the Far East, this sophisticated space pushes you to think outside the box while curating a collection of all collections – your home.

Global interiors are all about the adventure. If these walls could talk, we promise they would tell the most curious stories of well-stamped passports and their art-loving owners. Strikingly evocative of exotic destinations and bygone days of the European upper middle class, this room brings together traditional furniture and richly textured imported fabrics with a variety of ethnic prints.

Get the look of this timeless living room with a global touch - Vinterior

Each of these vintage treasures can start a conversation but never competes for the spotlight. They all support each other in creating a well-balanced, timeless look. A distinctively elegant fireplace elevates the room and creates a focal point for the rest of the space. The antique armchair, chest of drawers and the chandelier speak about class, while the colourful rug and throws warm everything up and make it so much more playful and bohemian.

Collector’s treasures in the form of figurines, candleholders, pots, and jugs are displayed in the most effortless manner, while mismatched lamps and the sunburst mirror contribute to the alluring eclectic vibe of this extraordinary space.

Everything blends in so seamlessly. The worn-off look underlines just how cherished and well-thought each of these pieces is, and how much love and patience must have been put into the curation of this ultimate collector’s haven.

If this room excites your mind and makes you feel envious of its lucky owners, we have some great news! There is a shortcut to turning your home into a global abode that doesn’t require ages to complete!

We’ve put together a visual shopping list to help you get the look.

All of the pieces from this mood board are available for purchase at Vinterior.

Get the look of this timeless living room with a global touch - Vinterior

  1. Marble Table Lamp
  2. Young Bronze Falconer Signed Thabard 19th Century
  3. Vintage Swedish Bronze Candle Holder By Palmqvist, 1940s
  4. Brass Convex Sunburst Mirror From Deknudt, 1970s
  5. French Bronze Gothic Chandelier
  6. Large 19th C Mercury Mirror With Ornate Gilt Plaster Frame
  7. Large Ghanian Mask With Bronze Inlay
  8. Midcentury Cast Bronze Horse In The Manner Of Boris Loved Lorski
  9. 17th Century Walnut Chest Of Drawers
  10. Scandinavian Black Glaze Ceramic Vase, 1960s
  11. Small Pair Of Candlesticks 19th Century
  12. Jean Cocteau Colette’s Portrait Original Lithograph Circa 1941
  13. Edwardian Cast Iron Tiled Fireplace Insert
  14. William Hutton An Arts & Crafts Pewter Vase, Milk, Sugar & Tray Set With Ruskins
  15. Pair Of Antique Rosewood Upholstered Armchairs
  16. Sage Large Metallic Candle Holder In Copper
  17. Vintage Red Chinese Chest From Dongbei
  18. Very Good Pair Of French Oil Lamps C.1860

Image source: House & Garden

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