Art, Collectibles & Interior Design

Art, Collectibles & Interior Design

To start the month of July off here’s a review of industry happenings from June.


Last month saw the partnering of two trade shows, Art & Antiques Olympia and House & Garden Festival.


Vinterior attended an interesting talk titled Collecting Art – From Home Decoration Through to Investment and heard Vanessa Curry, Owner of Fine Art Source, speak on the importance of collecting and displaying objects and art that have character, a story, a characteristic that resonates with us. Much like the idea of the Schatzkammer, a designated room to display ones collection,  it is not only to reflect where we have come from, and where we are going, but also our own unique style, interests and personality.


The Collection of Peggy and David Rockefeller auction that took place in May saw their huge love for ceramics, with 67 antique porcelain dinner services offered at auction. Likewise the David Bowie Private Collection auction, that took place in 2016, saw Bowie’s real affection and appreciation for important British Artists but also International Design with pieces by Italian designer Ettore Sottsass and the Memphis Group being offered at auction. It is the discovery of unique, characterful objects that build personality and bring alive a space.


At Mayfair Art Weekend a talk was held where Kit Kemp, Owner and Design Director of Firmdale Hotels, spoke on ‘…the relevance and inspiration art has had on her design and how pulling together work from unusual but inspirational sources can make any space more interesting.’


Art, Collectibles and Interior Design are three trades that contribute to instilling life into a space, residential and commercial, bringing a much needed spirit to a blank canvas.




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