A Maximalist Christmas Decorating Ideas

A Maximalist Christmas Decorating Ideas

With Christmas just around the corner, you’ve been probably looking for fresh ideas on how to decorate your home in the spirit of the season and usher in some holiday cheer into your home. As vintage lovers, we have a tender spot in our hearts for nostalgic and throwback designs that recall memories of simpler times when Christmas was classier and listening to records after a long family meal was number one priority.

If you find yourself enchanted by yesteryear’s charm and aesthetics, we’ve prepared a special treat for you today!

This year, forget about minimalism and opt for a retro-inspired maximalist theme for your Christmas decorations! Embracing the opulent look is way easier than you might think and definitely much more fun to develop as it allows for unlimited play and creativity to take place.

So let’s explore some of the best maximalist Christmas decorating ideas we’ve come across so far to get our creative juices flowing!

A Maximalist Christmas is a True Christmas


Image source: Loreta blog


Antique Christmas Baubles, Blown Glass, Hand Painted Christmas Decorations £65.00


Set Of 2 Original Vintage Wooden Nordic Christmas Ornaments. 2 Cute Original 1950’S Mid Century Decorations. Apple & Drum £15.00

Let’s face it, maximalism is the only decorating scheme that reflects the true spirit of the Christmas season. Indulging in the festive opulence and more is more philosophy is a fool-proof method for releasing the sparkle, but also a seductive playground for creative souls to explore their skills and imagination.

Reject any restraints and allow for colours and pattern to conquer the space. The glow will follow and the room will soon crackle with character and warmth. Be bold and aim for bright eclecticism with a twist, that emphasises a chic object or your favourite colour.

Don’t worry if your Christmas decorations hit the eccentric or kitsch button. Actually, you should be aiming for those keywords, as they are the only ones that promise you a one-in-a-million kind of look. With a carefully selected foundation and a few classy statement pieces, you can unwind your creative genius and indulge with layering the glitz.


Image source: PMQ for Two


Champagne Glasses “Zlatá Zuzana”, 1960s £140.00


Don’t Do Matchy-Matchy Christmas Decor

Select only the brightest and boldest and don’t fear from clashing the colours and patterns. There is nothing sadder than a cold and plain Christmas theme, don’t you agree? Traditional red and green are great, but why not give a chance to pastels or perhaps navy blue?!


Image source: Mollie Makes


Amazing Vintage German Goose Feather Christmas Tree 3ft (92cm) £450.00


Dial up the Glam

A truly festive landscape can hardly be imagined without metallic bling. For an added touch of luxury, choose gold, silver or copper finishes on your decor and cutlery. Or even don’t select your favourites and go for them all! By contrasting luxurious metals and rich textures, you can create a dramatic atmosphere that is warm and cosy at the same time.


Image source: Club Crafted


Vintage Gold Wall Mounted Reindeer Head £27.95

A Maximalist Christmas Decorating Ideas - Vinterior Blog

Collection Of 27 Vintage Swedish Straw Christmas Tree Ornaments £125.00

How to Decorate a Maximalist Christmas Tree

The star of the show and the essential feature of any Christmas decorating theme is its majesty The Tree, and this is where maximalists truly shine! Taking pride in the richness of colours, ornaments and materials, maximalists treat a Christmas tree as an altar of style and glory. Fairy lights, blown glass ornaments and glittering baubles fill every inch of the space and marry the beauty of modern kitsch and elegant traditional touches.

The size? Should we even be talking about this? Of course – the bigger, the better, and with a must have eye-candy tree topper.

To provide interest, wrap the presents in different paper and randomly pile them under the tree to mimic the effortless arrangement Santa would leave in a hurry. Generously decorated wreaths and garlands are a timeless option for weaving in the Christmas cheer, and we don’t see it coming out of favour any time soon. And if you have a fireplace (lucky you!) don’t forget to hang mismatched Christmas stockings for Santa to fill in!


Image source: Kelleynan


A Maximalist Christmas Decorating Ideas - Vinterior Blog

A Maximalist Christmas Decorating Ideas - Vinterior Blog

A Maximalist Christmas Decorating Ideas - Vinterior Blog

A Maximalist Christmas Decorating Ideas - Vinterior Blog

Vintage Christmas Decor

If you have heirloom Christmas decorations, don’t let them stay in the box! They should be put on a pedestal and be celebrated for the nostalgia they bring about. But if you don’t have any, worry not as we have gathered a fabulous collection of retro Christmas accessories and decorative details here at Vinterior.


Group Of Angels By Karl Max Dittmann, Vintage, Christmas, Gdr £74.00

A Maximalist Christmas Decorating Ideas - Vinterior Blog


David Bowie. Handmade Wooden Nordic Christmas Ornament. Original Print Transferred Onto Wood. Rare £6.00
A Maximalist Christmas Decorating Ideas - Vinterior Blog

A Maximalist Christmas Decorating Ideas - Vinterior Blog

A Maximalist Christmas Decorating Ideas - Vinterior Blog

A Maximalist Christmas Decorating Ideas - Vinterior Blog

Choose your favourites and start building your collection of Christmas goodies you will treasure year after year. They don’t make these beauties with the quality they used to, so if you lend your eyes on something you can’t get enough of, be sure it will last much longer than a majority of disposable Christmas decorations they make these days.

Have fun and go as bright as you wish. And layer, layer, layer!

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