House tour in Copenhagen

House tour in Copenhagen

The next stop on our house tour travels is Copenhagen, where married couple Nis and Anne-Sofie invite us in to their beautiful home, and share their favourite spots in the bustling Danish capital.

(Anne-Sofie) We live in inner Vesterbro right next to the central station. We moved in a year ago. It’s 140 sqm with 4 rooms, wooden floors, high ceilings, stucco, jacuzzi and balcony. We have a lot of friends here and love the restaurants and nightlife.

Dining table and vintage chairs
Anne-Sofie and Nis

What do you like about your neighbourhood? 

(Anne-Sofie) It’s one of the few places in Copenhagen that is not yet completely gentrified, which lends it a little bit of exciting urban vibe. We like that the crowd is fairly young, it’s very dynamic in the sense that its home to entrepreneurial projects like galleries and coffee shops, and the meatpacking district which has an excellent selection of restaurants and bars.

What is your favourite style of furniture?

(Nis) Vintage probably. I bought most of our chairs one buy one, sanded and painted them. The same with our bookcases and the palm bench. We had the table made by a couple in Odense. The couch is made from an image in Anne-Sofies’ head and the walk-in from an image in mine.

Tell us about your favourite local businesses?

(Anne-Sofie) I likes Fisketorvet. It’s a mall that doesn’t really fit in at Vesterbro – but everything is nice and mainstream, like Silvan (great home improvement store) and a huge cinema. Besides Fisketorvet I really like Vester Vov Vov, which is a very small cinema at Absalonsgade. They have a good movie selection and it is not rare that you have it all to yourself.

(Nis) I’m a big fan of some of the vintage shops in central city, especially Times Up in Krystalgade, which carries a small but amazing selection of premium second hand clothing.

What about Copenhagen’s food and drink scene?

(Anne-Sofie) I love Kul – where one of my favourite dishes is the jamón ibérico with squid tempura and black aioli. Another favourite is Bevi Bevi which is an Italian wine bar. It fits maybe 20 people but it seems like there is always 40 squished in there. You sit very close and will likely talk to stranger, which doesn’t happen a lot in a city like this. The food is simple but really good and the service is very friendly.

(Nis) My favourite is the new Nordic cuisine of Amass. The food is just amazing, the location at the old dockyards on Refshaleøen is stunning, and the service is superb. I’m also very fond of the massive burgers at Cocks & Cows, and the Asian spare ribs of Rice Market.

What other parts of the city would you recommend for visitors?

(Anne-Sofie) There are lots of nice parks, like Bibliotekshaven, Østre anlæg and Assistens Kirkegården. Come to CPH in the summer. Stay away in the winter. Get smørrebrød at Schønemanns, visit Rosenborg, go to the State Museum of Art (its free), take a canal boat tour, do some vintage shopping at Times Up, eat cake at La Glace, go to a concert at Christiania and get drunk at Condesa or Jolene. Deal with your hangover at La Petanque which is a cosy little crepes restaurant

Who’s in charge of the decorating?

(Nis) Anne-Sofie is in charge when we first moved it took forever. We mostly agree, but she does have an unpleasant tendency to drift towards pastel colours and things that look like they are made of gold. That’s when I have to step in and stop her.

What are your favourite pieces in the home?

(Anne-Sofie) My piano – which was a Christmas present from Nis. I love our dining table, because it fits a lot of people, our books, the grey industrial lamp, the TV, palm bench, the feather lamp, our wooden chairs “In Between” and the vintage metal folding chairs. Nis’ favourite thing is probably our Italian espresso machine.

What’s the next item on your shopping list?

(Anne-Sofie) A piece of art. Nis’ parents gave us a piece of art to start our collection, but we don’t really know anything about art so we are having a hard time choosing another. We are most likely going go with a Kvium – whom we both love. I would also like a big dark velvet couch and a lamp from Maison Charles. And some wallpaper with monkeys on it. Besides that a new kitchen would be nice!



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