15 Unique Mother's Day gift ideas for 2020

15 Unique Mother’s Day gift ideas for 2020

Like superheroes, our mums demonstrate a tremendous power of putting our needs first and washing us over with unconditional love and care. And even though we should celebrate our mums all year round, having a scheduled date in the calendar dedicated only to this purpose helps us stay focused during these busy days and never lose sight of what’s really important in life.

But how can you ever thank someone enough for giving you the gift of life? And while we can always count on mum to get all sentimental over any token of appreciation from our side, a meaningful Mother’s Day gift will definitely do much more than a bouquet of flowers or a cake.

Here are our top 15 unique Mother’s Day gift ideas to surprise the leading lady in your life.

  1. Sampson Morden Patented 9ct Gold Propelling Pencil

No matter how old her kids get, being a mum is never an easy role. There is always so much to do and figure out. If putting her thoughts on paper helps your mum tackle the busy schedule and deal with complex feelings, consider buying her a special pencil. 

She’ll think of you every time she sits with a piece of paper.

15 Unique Mother's Day gift ideas for 2020

9 Ct Gold 22.9 Gr Art Deco Sampson Mordan Co Centenniall Propelling Pen Pencil

  1. Cat pencil Holder by Walter Bosse

Those mums who cherish quiet time with a feline friend in their lap will be delighted to receive a personalised Mother’s day gift that celebrates their love of cats. A pencil holder in the shape of her furry baby is guaranteed to put a smile on your mother’s face and earn a special spot in her treasured collection of trinkets.

Cat pencil holder

Only One Cat Pencil Holder By Walter Bosse

  1. Gpo 746 Red telephone

How often do you call your mum? Probably not as often as she would like you to. But what if we tell you that science claims that a phone call to mum can be as powerful as a hug? More than anyone in this world, mum is interested in every detail of your daily life, so your mundane stories and complaints never bend her ear.

Use Mother’s Day to show her how much you value these phonecalls and promise to keep them coming.

15 Unique Mother's Day gift ideas for 2020

Gpo 746 Red Telephone

  1. Vintage gold and white china dessert and tea plates

While you may once make jokes about your mother’s obsessive hostessing methods, now you realise how precious these rituals and everything they bring about actually are for you and your family.

An elegant vintage china set will show your mother that you finally understand and it will serve as a handy conversation starter for future family gatherings.

15 Unique Mother's Day gift ideas for 2020

Vintage Set Gold & White China Dessert & Tea Plates

  1. Vintage minimalist plant stand

For a plant lady, look no further than this vintage minimalist plant stand. If there is a common link to all urban jungle enthusiasts out there, it’s the fact that they all battle for some extra space to host all their beloved indoor greenery. 

With simple, timeless lines and solid bones, the plantstand you can see below will be a perfect fit for just about any interior space.

retro plant stand

Vintage Minimalism Plant Stand Nisse String

  1. Brass water pitcher

If you believe the plantstand won’t fit the bill, but you are still not willing to give up on nurturing your mother’s green thumb, consider opting for a stylish water pitcher instead.

Displayed on a shelf, this eye-candy piece is sure to turn some heads in awe. But what is even more important is the change it will bring to your mother’s plant watering experience.

15 Unique Mother's Day gift ideas for 2020

Brass Water Pitcher

  1. Antique large Turkish terracotta garden pot

In honour of the carefree childhood days you spent gardening with your mum, use this Mother’s day as an excuse to contribute to her garden pot collection. Proud of its signs of wear, this large wabi-sabi terracotta pot will speak volumes about the importance of personal stories and embracing the changes that come with time.

antique garden pot

Antique Large Turkish Terracotta Garden Pot 59cm

  1. Pulp fiction original poster, 1994

We all have that film we keep coming back to over and over again. It never gets old, doesn’t it?

If your mum is passionate about a particular title, why not offer her an original film poster in a dedicated frame?

15 Unique Mother's Day gift ideas for 2020

“Pulp Fiction” Original Vintage Us One Sheet Film Poster, 1994

  1. Vintage cassette player from Sharp, 1980s

A vintage cassette player is a perfect choice for all nostalgia-seeking mothers who miss the analogue days of tape hoarding. Chances are your mum still keeps cassettes of her favourite musicians, but also records of you singing and fooling around back in the day. 

And you would be surprised at how many artists are still manufacturing and recording cassettes today.

Vintage cassette player from Sharp

Gf 5454 Cassette Player From Sharp, 1980s

  1.  Olympia tube radio with a record player

For those who prefer a more old-fashioned experience, a vintage radio with a record player will be a perfect reason to get together with a group of friends and throw a party.

15 Unique Mother's Day gift ideas for 2020

Olympia Tube Radio With Record Player

  1.  Beatles poster

This one is hardly a brainer. Apparently, Beatlemania is forever, so trust us when we say that The Beatles poster will excite virtually all mums out there. 

vintage The Beatles poster

Beatles Poster

  1.  Albert Gustav Bunge white enamelled copper serving set and tray, 1950s

Is your mum a coffee aficionado? Bring the element of fun to her every day by serving her a cup of coffee in this simple style, yet incredibly stylish copper set by Albert Gustav. 

incredibly stylish copper set by Albert Gustav

Albert Gustav Bunge 1950’S White Enameled Copper Coffee / Mocha / Espresso Pot Serving Set & Tray

  1.  Sterling silver teapot, 18th century

However, if she prefers tea, spoil her with a coveted antique silver teapot she will treasure. 

coveted antique silver teapot

Teapot, Sterling Silver, 18th Century, England, Carved Boois Handle

  1.  A pair of Scandinavian candlesticks, 1960

To encourage your mother to include more hygge moments in her life, present her with a thoughtful Mother’s day gift that promotes cosiness and mindfulness. Mid-century Scandinavian candlesticks will not only look beautiful as decor but will also contribute to creating an atmosphere of a home sanctuary.

Scandinavian candlesticks to create hygge experiences

Pair Of Scandinavian Candlesticks 1960 Vintage Tripode Metal 60s 60’S Years 60

  1.  Mid-century French swivelling potence wall lamp sconce, 1950s

If your mother enjoys spending evenings with a good book, light up her night with this gorgeous mid-century swivelling wall lamp. Every book-loving mum will fall for such a thoughtful present.

vintage wall scones for book warms

Mid Century French Swivelling Potence Wall Lamp Sconce, 1950s

She gave you the world, so don’t shy away from investing some thought in selecting a meaningful Mother’s Day gift this year. 

Feature image: @edp4rty

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