Create the look: this gorgeous 1950s living room in 14 key pieces

Create the look: this gorgeous 1950s living room in 14 key pieces

Got a flair for the ‘50s aesthetic? You are not alone! The nostalgic look of  1950s homes has seen a massive surge in popularity lately and we couldn’t be happier about it.

But why the ‘50s?

The 1950s were a decade of prosperity, stability and conformity. Optimism was omnipresent and the future seemed bright and peaceful after the previous turmoil of the 1940s. The economy was flourishing and the overall spirit was high. Family came first! The suburbs were booming and comfort and leisure were the name of the game.

Sounds like just the things we dream about these days, no?

The 1950s interior design was all about colour. Vibrant and fun, the ‘50s home is the symbol of the middle-class family’s golden days. Open plan living was becoming increasingly popular, infusing traditional homes with a utopian air.

New technologies brought many groundbreaking appliances that made housekeeping less daunting, but the most revolutionary appliance that went mainstream was definitely the TV. The TV station became the favourite family retreat and the focal point of many living rooms.

The majority of the ‘50s homes were painted in pastels – soft pink, pale yellow, mint, turquoise, baby blue (exactly the shades we are loving these days). However, those with a more sophisticated edge usually went for the earthy Scandinavian colour schemes of greys, browns and creams. But the third signature look of the ‘50s was definitely the boldest of them all. The modernists preferred to excite the mind with the bright and clean look of orange, red, blue, black, vibrant yellow and white, and used them to create dramatic contrasts all around the house.

Popular pattern choices included damask, florals and geometrics, and they were used in abundance on wallpapers, upholstery and floors.

The 1950s furniture ranged from comfy traditional, Scandinavian minimalist and all the way to the ultra-modern pieces with a futuristic nod.

The space race mania that shaped the decade found its way into the ‘50s homes too. Abstract atomic and satellite-like objects adorned the rooms in forms of lighting, clocks, mirrors, glassware, fabrics, and art.

If you are looking to infuse your place with some ‘50s high spirit and make it feel more like a home, take a look at this mood board we gathered for you and get inspired!

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What do you think? Could you picture yourself enjoying lazy Sunday afternoons on this sofa?

Get the Look: This 1950s Living Room is Designed for Leisure

  1. Mahogany Book Stand, 1950s
  2. Original Bi Tone French Brass Sputnik Chandelier, 1950s
  3. Unknown Mid 20th Century French Cubist Oil Painting C
  4. High-Quality Olive Green Velvet Sofa With Ebonized Wood Feet, Italy, 1950
  5. The 1950s, Beautiful Plant Bench Or Coffee Table By Yngve Ekström In Teak
  6. Vintage Molecular Model, 1950s
  7. Design Geometric Carpet In Style Of Antonín Kybal, 1950s
  8. Ceramic Vase 50s, Flower Vase, Mid Century Modern, Flower Container, Large Vase, Black And White
  9. Pair Of Green Skai Side Chairs With Ebonized Wood Legs, Italy, 1950s
  10. Stoneware Table Lamp By Carl Axel Acking For Rörstrand, 1950s
  11. Vintage Tray Of The 50s
  12. Midcentury Table Clock In Bakelite By Prim, 1950s
  13. Set Aldo Tura Box Pitcher Red Color Brass And Goatskin Mid Century Modern 1950s
  14. Bar Trolley By Arne Frenell For Nc Möbler, 1950s

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