A note from our founder

A note from our founder

You may have noticed we look a bit different

In a world dominated by fast furniture and commoditized goods, Vinterior was born from a desire to make it easier to find unique and high quality vintage furniture. To champion vintage, for a more characterful and sustainable world.

When we launched Vinterior in 2016 we were a small team, with a simple idea, and a very big vision. The first step was to build a website which could help customers find great vintage pieces easily. As long as it worked, we could make it look better later.

Fast forward 6 years and Vinterior has become the UK’s market leader with hundreds of thousands of vintage pieces across 30 countries. The world has also evolved, and with it, so has our responsibility to educate and inspire millions to choose vintage. It felt like now was the moment to invest and develop the brand for the next stage of our journey.

Vintage is all about memories, stories and character. With our rebrand, we wanted to translate the emotions our customers feel when discovering their perfect vintage piece on Vinterior into how the brand looks and sounds.

My first encounter with the world of vintage was a mid-century Danish yellow armchair. Having just moved, I wanted our home to have its own soul, to feel special. I was immediately attracted to vintage as a way to create a different and characterful look that would be unique to us. It also felt good to give a home to a pre-owned chair instead of buying a new one that would require extra manufacturing and transportation.

Our growing community of vintage lovers told us the same.

We choose vintage because it’s good different.

Sandrine, Founder & CEO


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2 thoughts on “A note from our founder

  1. Susan Gale
    Susan Gale says:

    I think you are really into something! I love the styles and the range/ quality of items for sale. Although on the expensive side “ quality always pays”

    1. Emma Dow

      Thank you! New items are listed daily at a range of price points and we also have a dedicated page for items under £500. We try to cater to a range of budgets, so do check back regularly.

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