4 gift-giving tips from Sarah Corbett-Winder

4 gift-giving tips from Sarah Corbett-Winder

Meet stylist Sarah Corbett-Winder. Taking her eye for colour from frocks to interiors, Sarah has shared her ultimate gift-giving tips along with her gift list for those who live by the ‘more is more‘ philosophy.

Tip 1

I always try to give a gift that I don’t think someone would buy for themselves

Tip 2

Buy it when you see it – even if it’s months and months before

Tip 3

I always go off list and refuse to buy what I am asked for. A combination of my stubbornness but also, surprise is one of the the best parts of gift gifting isn’t it?

Tip 4

Make sure that whatever the size/shape of the present it has a huge bow on it – the bigger the better!

The more is more approach by Sarah Corbett-Winder

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