Don’t think we can forge a link between the Ancient Greeks and vintage furniture? Try us.

Don’t think we can forge a link between the Ancient Greeks and vintage furniture? Try us.

Some say that ‘you snooze, you lose’. We suspect that those blessed enough to own a daybed probably disagree. At heart a functional piece of furniture, this humble design has chartered the annals of history, originating way back in the world of Ancient Greece!

In fact almost all forms of ancient culture made use of the day bed, especially for social gatherings and feasts. Guests would congregate on day beds to munch’n’brunch the hours away… the idea being – we suppose – that one could nod off on a full stomach and plenty of chatter. Much of modern day civilisation is built on social customs established by the ancient world but perhaps this particular tradition has gone somewhat amiss in the rush of 21st century life. Despite the merits of maintaining our battery levels, we often attach negativity to the idea of being a ‘loafer on the sofa’, condemning the simple activity of napping as one of idleness and apathy.

Well, the ancient Greeks were having none of that and were more than happy to intersperse daily tasks with an energy boosting snooze. As founders of modern day medicine, law, philosophy, architecture and more besides, we can’t deny that those guys got a lot done within the 350 years ancient Greece was up and running. So, let’s take a leaf out of neoclassical productivity and make a dive for the divans.

Feast not your stomach but your eyes on this selection of charming vintage daybeds in the Vinterior collection.

7. The steam bent silhouettes of Ercol furniture are iconic throughout Britain (and the world beyond). This day bed remains to this day one of Ercol’s most famous designs. Become famous for having the best naps on it.

6. Curl up on a bed of vibrant blue velvet and kip like a queen. Perfect for a post-corgi walk snooze, we’re pretty sure that Liz has got one of these lying around somewhere.

5. You know Scandinavians: no messing around, just to-the-point, minimalist chic napping quarters. They’ll probably forgive you a pillow or two, although nothing patterned please.

4. There’s not much to dislike about this 1980s De Sede day bed. Covered in supple tan leather, we can’t help but dream sweet caramel thoughts whilst slow…ly… nodding… off…

Vintage De Sede 80s daybed

3. This is a rather lovely mid century Danish day bed, although probably not for those who don’t love pink. Unless you fancy an upholstery project. Keep it simple, keep it sweet.

2. Clearly the Sixties proved a tiring decade for many because the mid century undeniably churned out a lot of these sleek’n’chic daybeds. It must have been all that cultural revolutionising.

  1. The Greeks weren’t into the elegant button back aesthetic (they didn’t invent everything) but if it had been around, we’re sure they would have cavorted all over this beaut of a day bed. Designed by Mies Van der Rohe, no less.

Peruse all vintage day beds and unearth the model of your dreams – literally – right here.

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