Meet Markus Friedrich Staab, a German artist breathing new life into vintage design

Meet Markus Friedrich Staab, a German artist breathing new life into vintage design

Frankfurt based Markus Friedrich Staab is an artist with a gifted eye for transforming ordinary items into imaginative art forms. Staab’s work is testament to his passionate belief that every day furniture shouldn’t be limited to its practical function but be elevated as an expression of creativity and inspiration.

Staab loves to source individual pieces of secondhand furniture and examine their history, in particular those that are easily overlooked. During the redemptive process of passing through Staab’s talented hands, furniture that was once mass-produced and homogenous becomes unique and takes on an identity of its own. The artist says that he is particularly satisfied by the process of freeing a piece of furniture from its traditional use and turning it into something special. Through this process the furniture that was once used on a daily basis, becomes a self-sufficient piece of art.

Staab says, ‘Hereby we explore traditional historical objects that gain value by a mere change of perspective. I am particularly fascinated by turning objects of utility – chairs, tables – and giving them a sculptural quality. It is the love for the daily things that we surround ourselves with, their unique shape and expression, that give me hope that not all is lost to pure consumerism and IKEA-lisation.’

I became an furniture artist because there are so many beautiful items which are overlooked and I wanted to give them new meaning, to make them valuable and and instil a sense of individuality.

The designs which inspire me the most are soulful designs, pieces without individuality which have been transformed into art.

My favourite piece is changing weekly!

This mid century chair design was altered by Markus by cutting the back and layering it in coloured leather, creating this unique arty piece.

The best thing about vintage furniture is that you have great original design to turn into contemporary work without harming our environment.

The most challenging aspect of life as a furniture artist is you can never know how things will turn out. Sometimes you work on a piece for a month and then suddenly decide to change it again.

Venezia Chairs By Markus Friedrich Staab

One thing that really inspires me is the work of female Bauhaus designers.

A perfect day off would look like simply doing what I wish to do, creating, being kind, working. Working out of a place of creativity is joyful.

A cause close to my heart is to reach out good people for my work.

I would have a beer with the Vinterior team!

A quality I value in other people is that they can listen and try to understand me even though they might not fully see what I’m getting at.

Something else I am passionate about is my children.

See the full collection of Markus Friedrich Staab’s work here.

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