Meet the Designer: Amber Jeavons of AJ Interior Styling

Meet the Designer: Amber Jeavons of AJ Interior Styling

Touring Amber Jeavons’s distinctive home, it’s clear that this is a lady with a keen eye for impactful, dramatic spaces. As a former dancer, Amber is now the stylist and designer behind A J Interior Styling, a design studio and consultancy. She uses her background in performance to bring drama and impact to her spaces, taking the inhabitants on a journey and maximising the space to its fullest potential.

We speak to Amber about her inspirations, what home means to her and what makes a perfect Sunday…

Do you have a signature look? If so, how would you describe it? 

In terms of style, I’m very versatile and as a Boutique business, I really feel that rather than a signature look one should strive to evolve and develop continuously. There is also a distinction between my own style and loves and that of the client and their space. So as far as a signature goes, it would really be present in the choice of each piece selected even down to a lightbulb! Each one will have a eureka moment with me when I see “it”.

My taste for the absolutely beautiful is how I hone in on the things I love. If one had carte blanche, then my aim is not merely to design an interior but to design something that shows off the space designed to the ‘pinnacle of it’s potential’. That’s a term I use personally to describe my ideal surrounding interior design.

The end result should be sensational, interesting and unique. It is created with an air of the dramatic, the holistic and the instinctual regardless of ‘style’ or colour scheme. Layering and texture are key. Being resourceful and creative in nature, this is also very much how I think about design.

In terms of furniture, what design classics standout for you?  

I like a lot of different styles – from the fabulous early Georgian to current designers. A particular favourite is Nigel Coates for extremely beautiful design.

I love to discover emerging designers, like those for example at Clerkenwell Design Week. I love finding and coming across a rich unique talent of products, furnishings and lighting.

For me, it’s not about the price of something or whether it’s the most expensive – it’s the stylishness, uniqueness and brilliance, which for me is the currency of today.

What would be your top interior design tip for our readers? 

Don’t necessarily strive to opt for what is considered fashionable or even the latest trend but find the style that speaks to who you are as a person and who your home is. The architecture of the space has as much a say in a scheme design as the occupant.

I’m very in tune with both – it’s like detective work, teasing out what a client loves and understanding who they are.

I’m a huge fan of Columbo and the influence it had on me as a child, not only on how he saw things and pieced them together, but also the rich interiors and fantastic architecture in LA (where the program was set) which I found fascinating.

What does home mean to you? 

I spend quite a bit of time at home as I work there and consider creatively my work and ventures I have interest in pursuing all just born out of a seedling of an idea I have…

To me home is not only meant to be a haven but a place where the space you surround yourself in, evolves and develops. We do, after all, change over the years and I feel our environments must therefore grow with us. I like the idea that there is some sort of organic nature to how the home develops and grows.  It perhaps inspires us and nurtures us, perhaps even it is a conduit for creativity.

Our homes speak in their own way about who lives there in a way that is curated over a period of time, even if it hasn’t necessarily. The art of design leaves one feeling that a home or space has always looked as it does and yet there is an air of slow transformation, of evolution.

What are your three most treasured pieces? 

I love things that have a story about them or things that savour a moment in history. In a way we’re storytelling as designers.  

Having a background as a dancer, with half a life spent on stage taking people on a journey into performance, so taking people now on a journey with their homes feels quite a natural a progression.  

My dining table is one favourite piece as it was my mother’s and in some ways the hub of home life. Mamma gave it to me where it now sits performing the same function and carries with it layers of history and conversation. I think it looks like the Pi symbol seen from side front view. 

Another treasured piece is a Japanese Samurai given to me by my Uncle as well as a brass sunburst mirror which attracts a fair bit of attention.

A perfect Sunday is… 

Thinking of something creative and the development of something I can use to inspire people.

If you could choose one piece from Vinterior, what would it be and where would it live? 

I would choose an antique Murano glass pendant shade, it would adorn the living room!



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