How to Get the Antique Style

How to Get the Antique Style

In today’s society that strives on quick solutions and constant change, mass-produced furniture has become almost a norm. A vast majority of people buy the very same products, making their space appear as an instant copy of the home next door.

These pieces are cheap, almost identical to each other and ready for the taking here and now, which makes them a compelling option for the trend-driven consumer mentality. But for those tired of furniture with no character, who appreciate the fine craftsmanship and heritage, and refuse to settle for less than a conversation piece – antique furniture and accessories are key!

We’ve all been seduced by what we see on reality TV, Pinterest and Instagram, and convinced we couldn’t pull off a stylish interior look without dipping into a trend pool. But this cannot be further from the truth! Unique interiors that speak about their owners’ passions and ambitions are always the most gorgeous and classiest solutions out there.

And with a huge drop in prices of old furniture that hit the market of late, decorating with antiques has never been more affordable either. We don’t know when the interior pendulum will swing back and skyrocket the prices of antique collectables once again, but no one argues that it will. So if you are looking to bring soul to your interior space and antiquing fires your curiosity, now is the time to start looking for the perfect antique pieces to add to your home collection.

Let’s learn how to do it!

How to Get the Antique Style - Vinterior Blog

Image source: Lobster and Swan

How to Get the Antique Style - Vinterior Blog

Wood Carved, Handmade, Mirror With Gold Leaf £2,000.00

History of the Style

Well, antique style is not actually a style. Antique is an umbrella term that gathers all the interior decorating styles older than a century. Every piece of furniture or decor with more than one hundred years of age can be classified as antique.

Because of its inclusive character, antique furniture displays a rainbow of looks, making it easy for everyone to find something that resonates with their personal aesthetics. Victorian, Art Nouveau, Arts and Crafts, Renaissance Revival, Neo-Greek, Gothic Revival… furniture finds from all these periods are in play.

But unfortunately, not many of it has survived to this day. Lately, many antique dealers report a significant drop in supply of anything made prior to WWI. So if you source something you like that comes with a reasonable price tag, make sure to score it before it is too late.

How to Get the Antique Style - Vinterior Blog

Images credit: Dreamy Whites

How to Get the Antique Style - Vinterior Blog

Antique Chandelier, 1900s £1,080.00

How to Get the Antique Style - Vinterior Blog

10 Antique Windsor Kitchen Chairs £1,175.00

How to Decorate with Antiques

Antique furniture shows an evident shift in aesthetics that happened over the past century. Handmade descriptive carvings, ornate elements and over the top excess in upholstery, celebrate the fine craftsmanship skills of its creators, making these objects truly one of a kind masterpieces.

Old furniture and decor bring a remarkable touch of individualism to any room and provide an instant boost of interest and texture. They serve as fabulous focal points and are famous for their exceptional power to spark conversations. But creating a curated look requires some skill as the line between a collected and an outdated, museum-style look is thin and fairly easy to cross.

No one is going for the floor-to-ceiling antique style look anymore, but rather mix the old things with new blings. There are actually a few different approaches to play around with, so let’s explore them together one by one.

How to Get the Antique Style - Vinterior Blog

Image source: Architectural Digest

How to Get the Antique Style - Vinterior Blog

Fine Neoclassical Style Carved White Marble Fire Surround £3,500.00

How to Get the Antique Style - Vinterior Blog

Antique Victorian Tub Chair Cream Upholstery With Walnut Carved Base £99.00

Adding one or two fabulous antique pieces such as a crystal chandelier, ornate mirror or fireplace in an otherwise contemporary room is probably the most sought-after way for incorporating antiques into a modern-day home these days.  

But you can also choose another way around and start with an antique base and later spice things up with some contemporary accessories.

Themed rooms are also on high demand, both based on colour and specific interior styles (Victorian, Shabby Chic, Gothic).

Starting off with some particular antique or contemporary item and then building around it is also a popular concept, especially when looking to decorate around heirloom pieces with great sentimental value or some exceptional antique finds.

How to Get the Antique Style - Vinterior Blog

Image source: One King’s Lane

How to Get the Antique Style - Vinterior Blog

Antique Bow Fronted Walnut Cabinet £828.00

Whatever approach you choose to take, don’t forget – the keyword here is useful! Reject display cabinets and start actually using antiques in your everyday life. They were made to serve a purpose, not just be looked at. And the fact that they’ve survived a hundred years of service proves that they were built to last.

Bring them close to you and set up a romantic coffee table arrangement. Vary the shapes and sizes of the objects in the group for maximum effect. Place them on a sideboard in a high-traffic area of your home.

Stay focused and don’t scatter antiques all around the place, but instead turn them into focal points.

Use the colour of your favourite antique piece and celebrate its beauty by conveying the exact shade across the room. This way you will make the object pop and the place feel unified.

How to Get the Antique Style - Vinterior Blog

Image source: House and Home

How to Get the Antique Style - Vinterior Blog

French Antique Louis Xv Chest Of Drawers £1,805.00

How to Get the Antique Style - Vinterior Blog

Blue And White Chinese Flower Vase, Ceramic, China Pottery Mid/Late C20th £295.00

How to Get the Antique Style - Vinterior Blog

A 19th Century Qing Dynasty Blue And White Porcelain Vase £1,950.00

Don’t fall for trends! Buy only what feels right for you personally as this purchase will last for a lifetime, and the last thing you want to do is to be stuck with something you’ll get over in a year or two.

Antique furniture pieces not only witness the artistic talent of its creators, but they are also pretty much scarce, which explains their higher price when compared to their vintage counterparts. But if you shop wisely, antiques can be quite affordable too.

That’s where we jump in to help!

Get the Look

There is no secret formula or a template to follow. But it doesn’t hurt to keep a few things in mind.

Choose antique furniture with a simple form and rich materials as they mix well with modern pieces.

How to Get the Antique Style - Vinterior Blog

Antique Brass Lamp With Decorative Shade £648.00

How to Get the Antique Style - Vinterior Blog

Start small with a vase or a mirror and gradually evolve your style piece by piece.

Collecting no longer means spending ages visiting antique fairs and vintage shops.

Now you have Vinterior!

How to Get the Antique Style - Vinterior Blog

Stunning Antique Button Back Sofa Settee & Armchair Rosewood Victorian C.1870 £1,495.00
How to Get the Antique Style - Vinterior Blog

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