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Classic, decedent and a solid staple for any sommelier, cocktail enthusiast or avid whisky drinker. We’re talking about the vintage drinks trolley. What better way to host your favourite tipples than on a gorgeous antique or mid century trolley cart? Not only are they practical in terms of storage with some able to carry both bottles and glasses but a carefully selected cocktail trolley will also add sleek and subtle style to your living space.

A Brief History Of Drinks Trolleys

The not so humble drinks trolleys as we know it today came into creation as early as the 1930s and was created based upon functional and modernist principles. The earliest recorded trolley was created by hungarian designer Zsuzsa Kozma, who was commissioned to redesign Eugene Schreiber’s flat in Budapest aged just 26. Kozma’s idea for an adaptable, movable and compact way of storing one’s beverages was shared with the world somewhat bittersweetly through the end of the second world war. Schreiber and his family emigrated from Budapest to England after the war, while Kozma herself moved to Australia, changed her name to Susan Orlay and continued to design and challenge modernist interiors though it’s unclear whether she attempted to replicate her original cart.

Looking at Kozma’s first design, it’s clear that the drinks trolley has been through a variety of changes and redesigns in the last seventy three years. Antique drinks trolleys were originally created for functionality more than style and although larger, heavier wooden pieces were highly desirable in some areas of the world in the early 1900’s; smaller, thinner drinks trolleys similar to those we see in homes today came to fruition alongside the art deco movement.

The art deco style is a mixture of modern and futuristic design and best summarised in Baz Luhrmann's adaptation of The Great Gatsby. Think simple, sleek and elegant. Less practical than its chunkier predecessor, art deco cocktail trolleys were as much about style and social standing as they were about the drinks themselves.

More recently, HBO’s award winning show Mad Men (set during the 1960s and early 1970s) frequently showcased vintage drinks trolleys within the workplace as a stable necessity for any high earning business man and within the home of any respectable housewife. Since premiering in 2007, the show has arguable generated the revival of the bar cart (as they’re known in America) and reignited our love of trolleys old and young.

While we dont want to confirm nor deny the potential for self serving or levitating cocktail trolleys in the future, for the moment there seems to be no dip in popularity and in fact their history, presence and simplicity are key selling points.

How Do I Pick The Right Drinks Trolley for my home?

The fantastic thing about drinks trolleys is that they’ve been reimagined in so many designs, styles and materials but the basics of the product remain the same. Built on practicality, the biggest perk is that they carry alcohol and they move! Whether you choose to wheel yours into a room as your party piece, move it in and outdoors or set it up as a static piece of furniture to be style around, the variety of options and their lightweight nature make them convenient in any space.

Art Deco Drinks Trolleys

Art deco drinks trolleys tend to have simpler, lighter metal frames with mirror or marble elements while retro bar carts tend to be simpler in design but more colourful and durable. Mid Century drinks trolleys tend to be made from wood and come with storage elements like draws or glass holders.

If you’ve got a smaller collection of bottles or glasses that you’re worried will look lost on your new trolley or you’re not sure you even want to use it for drinks at all then start by housing flowers, a statement candle or an ever growing houseplant instead? Just remember not to overload your drinks cart. Keep it minimal. Less is more and remember that a vintage drinks trolley is a statement piece all on its own.

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