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Rugs are an essential accessory for any home, old or new. They bring texture, warmth and character to even the most minimal space - and none more so than those of the vintage variety. At Vinterior, we love all things vintage, retro and antique - you name it, if it’s old, preloved, upcycled or re-imagined, we’ve got it.

Browse a vast range of antique and vintage rugs for sale from all periods in history and corners of the globe - all collected together in one convenient place. We stock everything from silk Persian rugs to authentic handmade Turkish runners, to bring the finishing touches to your home in moments.

Why choose a vintage rug?

Like all vintage furnishings, vintage rugs are a wonderful addition to the home for two main reasons: their aesthetic appeal and long-lasting quality. br>
Vintage rugs are better-made and are of a higher quality than the vast majority of modern, mass-produced carpets. On the whole, they tend to be crafted from high quality, natural fibres  such as cotton, silk and wool which are not only more attractive and durable, but feel better against the skin and are healthier and more naturally harmonious with the human body generally. br>
A vintage rug has a story behind it and a sense of mystique about it, which brings character and a unique style into wherever it is placed. Not only this, but it is an investment for the future; think about it, the rug has already seen decades, perhaps even centuries of use, and it is still in great condition (all our rugs are checked for quality), so it is likely to be a durable piece that will last you for years to come, and may even be passed down to others in the future.

Incorporating an antique rug into your home

Chinese rugs, Turkish rugs & oriental rugs at VinteriorDon’t live in a period house? That’s no problem. The beauty of vintage furniture and accessories is that they work just as well in modern spaces as they do in interiors from their own era. So, whether you’re on the lookout for a gorgeous Victorian silk rug, a stylish Art Deco piece, or an elegant mid-century throw, we’ve got everything you could want in our convenient, one-stop marketplace. br>

Why shop for rugs at Vinterior

An interior space can look wonderful, but it needs those finishing touches to all come together and, most importantly in our view, feel like a home. We handpick the very best vintage rugs to bring our customers something special, unique and characterful with every purchase. br>
Rather than trawling the local auction houses, our customers are able to find genuine, quality-assured vintage pieces from all the best seller. br>
At Vinterior, we pride ourselves in offering only the very best vintage furniture and home accessories. With thousands of antiques, vintage finds, retro items and one-off pieces to browse, you’ll never be short of inspiration.

Persian rugs for sale

Here at Vinterior, we love running a space where fellow antique and vintage enthusiasts can feed their passion. Our marketplace is dedicated to the most beautiful vintage furniture and home accessories - from vintage rugs to antique dressers, retro wall art to upcycled sideboards, whatever you’re looking for, you’ll love finding the extraordinary at Vinterior.