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Vintage Sheepskin and Hide Rugs

Introduce comfort, luxury and warmth into your living room with a vintage sheepskin rug. With the right rug, you can add much needed character to your room and tie it neatly together. Sort our sheepskin rugs by styles, colours and materials to find your ideal fluffy floor covering.

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Vintage sheepskin rugs are a must-have

Sheepskin rugs are renowned for bringing luxury and warmth. And we think that they’re a must for every 21st century home.

These iconic rugs are often considered to be extravagant. But the simple fact is that interior designers all around the world favour vintage sheepskin rugs. They add gorgeous colour, cosy warmth and lush texture to any room.

Our vintage sheepskin rugs look great in living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms. They look gorgeous on both traditional hardwood floors and contemporary stone floors. You can even add a sheepskin rug to wooden furniture to add more warmth and comfort.

A vintage sheepskin rug is also versatile when it comes to style. One of our sheepskin rugs can complement a variety of styles, including rustic, shabby chic, traditional and contemporary.

Try pairing your shabby chic sofa with a vintage sheepskin rug. Or go for a classic coupling of a cow hide rug with an antique dining table.

Our soft touch, luxury sheepskin rugs come in several different colours. So you’ll be able to match it with your home décor. Choose from the traditional whites and ivories of sheepskins to the deep dark browns of our vintage cowhide rugs.

How to style a vintage cowhide rug or a sheepskin rug?

Styling your vintage sheepskin rug is easy as these beautiful creations can add so much beauty no matter where they are.

Add your vintage sheepskin rug to your living room floor and enjoy the extra cosiness it provides. Place your sheepskin rug under your bed and create a luxurious ambience in your bedroom. Or put your cowhide rug in your dining room and never have cold feet again.

But your styling options don’t end there.

Try upgrading your bathroom with one of our skin or hide rugs. Trust us, you’ll feel like royalty when you step out of the bath onto a plush sheepskin bath mat. And you can continue the luxurious bathroom treatment by pairing your rug with a stunning vintage medical cabinet.

Vintage sheepskin rugs to suit you

Our collection of vintage sheepskin and cowhide rugs has styles and budgets for everyone.

Choose from styles such as vintage, mid-century modern, boho, contemporary and shabby chic. We’ve got rugs for less than £200 and premium rugs for less than £500.

In our collection you’ll find Oriental rugs, Moroccan rugs, Persian rugs, Turkish rugs, traditional rugs and many more. Or, simply browse our full selection of rugs and decorate your whole home.