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Caucasian Rugs

Our Caucasian rugs for sale UK are an excellent way to treat your feet, floor and décor. Caucasian rugs are characterised by their sharply outlined and bold geometric patterns. Using bright blues, yellows and reds, these charming rugs can be a focal point of any room and help to bring much needed warmth.
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  • What is a Caucasian rug?

    Caucasian rugs are made in and along the mountain range of the Caucasus. Tribal towns along the north, south and east of the mountain range have been crafting bold rugs since the 18th century. These beautiful rugs use powerful and bold geometric patterns and bright, vibrant colours to achieve stunning masterpieces that can complement any home. As well as geometric patterns, which sometimes feature tiny dogs or horses, popular motifs on these rugs include animals, flowers, birds, dragons, and crabs. Contrasting colours are used extensively on these rugs, which on paper should bring lound clashes into your home. But in reality, the Caucasian rug-makers have crafted a large range of bright colours that offer harmony and beauty. Materials such as wool and ivory are commonly used, as these were the materials readily available to the tribes. However, more modern Caucasian rugs can also be made using cotton and other fabrics. Popular styles from the Caucasian region include Kazak, Kuba, Shirvan, Dagestan and Gendje. All of which you can find in our collection.
  • Why choose a Caucasian rug for your home?

    Caucasian rugs are the perfect way to bring character, colour and warmth into your home. Brighten up your wooden floors with one of these rugs. And amaze your guests with an outstanding piece that can effortlessly complement any style and bring any room together. We recommend you pair a Caucasian rug with the sleek and simple designs of mid century modern furniture. Or enjoy bolder designs to match your patterned and coloured rug, by choosing art deco furniture. Our beautiful Caucasian rugs are one of the most sought after and one of the most collected antique rugs. Mostly because of their eye-catching colours and unique patterns, but also because of their durability. We’ve even got Caucasian rugs that date back all the way to the 1800s.
  • Caucasian rugs for sale UK

    We have thousands of sellers from all around the world, including in the UK, Europe and the United States. And many of our Caucasian rugs are being sold by sellers here in the UK. So, buy your Caucasian rug from our local sellers here in the UK and get your beautiful new, used, or refurbished rug sooner. Want to incorporate rugs from all over the world in your home? At Vinterior, our boutique and independent sellers bring you thousands of rugs to choose from. Add a brightly coloured Turkish rug to your hallway. Place a stunning Moroccan rug in your dining room. Or enjoy some Asian designs with our Oriental rugs.