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About Us

Vinterior is the online marketplace to discover, buy and source furniture with character.

We have partnered with more than 500 independent boutiques and dealers to offer Britain's greatest online selection of vintage, mid-century, antique and upcycled furniture. We work only with selected furniture sellers to ensure that our customers can find products that match the values that matter to us: character, quality and craftsmanship.

Shoppers can browse a wide variety of furniture and home decor carefully hand-picked by our professional sellers, with a price range to suit all budgets. By joining Vinterior, professional furniture dealers and makers have more time to do what they are passionate about: sourcing, restoring or designing exceptional pieces of furniture.

Forget mass-produced, off-the-shelf flat packs and discover our curated collection of unique furniture pieces crafted with inspiration and care now…

The Team

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