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Lighting: vintage and retro lights

When we decide to update our home’s interior design, we tend to brush off lighting a purely practical consideration. We think of it as something we use to make the space we’re decorating more visible. But this just isn’t the case – lighting is one of the most powerful and influential aspects of home design. It can completely transform the overall look and ambience of a room with just the slightest adjustment.

Great lighting can also act as a stunning design statement in its own right, with so many styles, eras and looks to choose from. This is certainly the case when you shop for contemporary, antique and vintage lighting here at Vinterior, but don’t just take our word for it. Explore the Vinterior collection today and let us light the way to great home design.

Why choose vintage lighting?

Lighting is an umbrella term that can refer to a whole host of different things. From tables lamps to wall scones, floor lamps to chandeliers, there is a whole world of lighting out there just waiting to be discovered and introduced into your home.

Great lighting is that which doesn’t just fulfil the practical role of lighting up the room around them, it should also stand out as a beautiful piece of design. This is certainly the case when you opt for vintage lighting, with so many artistic and iconic design eras to influence the aesthetics of these products, there really is something for every space.

What to look for in vintage, antique or retro lights

Antique lighting pre-dates the early 20th century, and is largely characterised by its more ornate and decorative style. Think decadent chandeliers and marble and brass French floor lamps. These are pieces which really stand out as a focal point, demanding attention and drawing plenty of appreciation.Then there are vintage lamps and light fixtures. These reflect the various iconic design movements of the 20th century, including the elegant geometrics of the art deco movement in the 1920s and 30s, and the sleek form-over-function approach of the still-popular mid-century modern school of design. More recently, the 1970s saw an influx of earthy tones, homely touches and rich woods which can make your home a cosier place to be. Within this you may also find attractive retro lighting options that stir the soul and add a funky aesthetic to your home.

Introducing period wall lighting into your home

Lighting comes in many different forms, and with so many styles to choose from on top of this, there is sure to be a form of vintage or antique lighting that is perfectly suited to your home. What about a statement art deco table lamp in the study? Or a set of opaline wall sconces in the master bedroom? A tasselled floor lamp from the 1970s can make your living room even more inviting, while an antique chandelier can bring a huge dose of luxury to your dining area.

We love new and upcycled retro ceiling lights too

There was once a time when hunting down unique retro ceiling lighting with a real sense of character would mean traipsing round local markets and second hand shops, hoping to discover a rare hidden gem in amongst all the below-average items. Not only was this time-consuming, but there was also no guarantee you’d find what you were looking for. Thanks to Vinterior however, this has all changed.

We are the largest online marketplace for one-of-a-kind premium furniture solutions, with a collection of thousands of carefully selected pieces which you can discover from the comfort of your own home. Our collection features vintage, antique and retro furniture, as well as contemporary, bespoke and upcycled pieces, so there really is something for everyone.

So what are you waiting for? Find the perfect lighting for your home today by exploring the Vinterior collection.