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Ceiling lights from Vinterior

Lighting is a vital aspect of any warm and welcoming home interior. But so much of what exists on the high street is basic or unappealing and more often than not, it all looks the same. If you’re looking for a ceiling light that’s totally unique and full of character, the best way to achieve it is by looking for something vintage. Not only are vintage fixtures and fittings inherently different in appearance to anything you can buy new, they are also made with unparalleled quality craftsmanship – built to stand the test of time.

Choosing a vintage ceiling light

Create a focal point out of a vintage ceiling light by opting for something eye catching and individual. For as long as there have been electric lights, fresh and exciting fixtures have been created to decorate them. The choices are endless and really depend on the overall theme of the decor in your room.In industrial lofts, for example, artfully rusted metal or enamel pendants look incredible and really compound the warehouse aesthetic. Find a set of three – perhaps reclaimed from a factory or hospital – and hang them over the centre of a long stripped wooden table to create a central point in the kitchen that guests will gravitate towards.

Art Deco glass ceiling lights

Art Deco-inspired rooms require corresponding lighting, and some of the fixtures from the period are remarkable, using unexpected materials like marble or classic options like blown glass globes set on chrome.

Mid Century Lighting

Meanwhile, a mid century modern space needs sleek, pared back lines as a crowning statement. If you’re on a tight budget, look for a simple lampshade crafted from rattan, for example. Alternatively, you may wish to opt for one that has hints of teak with a white cotton or linen finish. Look out, too, for minimalist 1950’s or 60’s fixtures crafted from brass and glass to create an instant atmosphere of vintage Los Angelean chic. It’s also possible to get matching wall lights and reading lamps to complete the look.

Why choose Sputnik chandeliers?

Sputnik chandeliers represent peak mid-century modern style. They are the epitome of style in the eyes of any design lover. The “look” has been attributed to many different leading mid-century designers, and first took hold between the 1940s and 1960s, when people were obsessed with all things space. In fact, the style and name of the style were both inspired by the first artificial satellite sent from Earth. The starburst look of these pieces is a staple of the Sputnik light design, creating a real statement in any living space.

Retro pendant lights

To make a high impact statement in a room with an eclectic aesthetic borrowed from all sorts of design eras, why not opt for something show stopping like a Murano glass chandelier that brings with it incredible eye-catching colour and ancient artisanal skill. Murano chandeliers come in a range of beautiful colours and styles and can be found in all sizes to fit small rooms or palatial, double-height hallways. Buying one is a fantastic investment, too, as they never go out of style – so they end up becoming family heirlooms.

Where to look for a vintage ceiling light

The best place to look for vintage, antique and bespoke ceiling lights is right here at Vinterior – an online marketplace with amazing, carefully curated items from over one thousand sellers. Perhaps you’re looking for something very specific – a vintage light fitting similar to something you’ve seen in a magazine, perhaps, or a very specific item from a certain era – and if that’s the case, a simple search is sure to yield exactly what you’re looking for. Maybe, though, you’re not sure what it is you want, and you’d rather explore the extensive selection on the site. In that case, have a look by type and you’ll be met by an enormous range of exciting choices; you might even find something you hadn’t considered before that fits your criteria perfectly.With the option to ask expert sellers questions before you buy, the shopping experience at Vinterior is a personalised one, offering a great level of support at every stage of your investment in iconic pieces of historic design and ensuring you find your perfect piece.