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Embrace the looking glass and choose a beautifully beguiling vintage wall mirror to bring a little more joy to your home. No matter your personal style, you’ll discover the perfect piece right here. Need a hall mirror for those last-minute checks before leaving the house? An oval vintage mirror could be just the piece. Want a little more charm when you get dressed for the day? Choose a nostalgic-style vintage full-length wall mirror from the 1950s. Feeling a little more eclectic? Opt for a bamboo-framed large vintage wall mirror to hang proudly above a brightly painted fireplace. With our curated collection, you’re certain to source that elusive perfect piece

Fill your home with character and charm and find truly unique vintage wall mirrors for sale in our marketplace. Shop sustainably, support independent sellers and buy one-of-a-kind at Vinterior today.

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Vintage wall mirrors for style and functionality

The impact of vintage wall mirrors goes beyond their primary purpose of helping people check how their hair looks before dashing out of the house. While a beautiful mirror is, of course, excellent for this purpose, a vintage wall mirror plays a huge role in the interior design of a space. As well as contributing significantly to the aesthetics, large vintage wall mirrors are excellent for capturing light in a room and dispersing it for an even greater effect. A long vintage wall mirror can also create the illusion of a larger space, helping to ‘open up’ the room. The light moves from its source into the light and back into the room, producing a myriad of pretty light effects. It gives a filtered, soft light throughout the area where the wall mirrors are set.

Of course, when choosing a vintage oval wall mirror, make sure it complements the rest of the room and its décor, from the ceiling light to the colours and styles of any other vintage furniture. You’ll notice there’s plenty of variety in our collection of vintage wall mirrors. Whether you adore the allure of Parisian wall mirrors or you prefer to keep it simple with a more minimalistic contemporary design, we’ll have a wall mirror to suit your tastes.

Large vintage wall mirrors for sale at Vinterior

We’re often told that less is more. But while this statement is usually correct, if we want to decorate with mirrors in a minimalist style, there are times when a large vintage wall mirror can bring plenty of benefits.

Imagine your living room. It’s likely to have a coffee table, windows, lamps, and other furniture. Now imagine that one of the walls, preferably one that’s wider, taller and focused toward some window or source of light, is full of mirrors. The feeling of space will undoubtedly grow. Not to mention the elegance and opulence that a large vintage wall mirror will bring to a room. You can also try this trend in a dining room. If you have a small dining room, a long vintage mirror wall will expand the space, extending the floor and ceiling.

If you have a specific style of vintage wall mirror in mind, use our easy-to-use search system to help you find your dream piece. Adjust the filters to your tastes and search our vintage wall mirror collection by style, colour, period, and more.

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