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Vintage Glassware

Add a little more intrigue to your entertaining collection and invest in some intriguing vintage glassware from our marketplace at Vinterior. Spanning a century’s worth of design innovation, our characterful collection includes an eclectic array of styles. From boldly decorated art deco decanters and tumbler sets to brightly coloured champagne flutes and decorative ice buckets. Curating a stylish cocktail hour has never been easier than with our vintage drinking glasses.

Our vintage glassware collection recalls craftsmanship dating back from decades past with eye-catching colours and an intriguing assortment of shapes and patterns. Some antique and vintage glassware collectors buy pieces for display, while others use them for everyday use. In our marketplace, you’ll find vintage glassware for sale in a range of styles, varying from simple and affordable drinking glasses to lavish and extravagant glassware. Each is sourced by a trusted seller and handpicked for its high quality and unique character. So start to build a more characterful home today and shop for your one-of-a-kind at Vinterior today.

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Vintage drinking glasses for sale at Vinterior

Among homeowners, bartenders, and bar owners, one interesting trend has started to emerge when it comes to drinking, and this time it’s not about what’s inside the glass. From fancy cocktail glasses to 19th-century wine glasses, vintage drinking glasses are growing in popularity. They give us a way to create a memorable experience as we sip our favourite drink and can add a dose of elegance and fun to the dining table at a dinner party.

Alternatively, the trend for collecting vintage drinking glasses is on the rise, as so many unique styles are available. Whether you’re looking to impress at your next gathering or seeking a versatile set of vintage glassware for everyday use, here at Vinterior, we have plenty of exquisite and interesting glasses in our vintage glassware collection.

Vintage Danish glassware to add some Scandi style

Danish glassware is a popular choice for lovers of vintage glassware. We offer a range of vintage Danish glassware styles for different uses, whether you’re seeking a striking glass vase to hold a bouquet of beautiful blooms or a set of antique Danish liquor glasses for that after-dinner tipple. Whatever style of Danish glassware you decide on, it’s sure to command the room’s attention.


How can you tell if glassware is vintage?

There are a few ways to tell if a piece of glassware is vintage. While many antique glass pieces are unmarked, lots feature markings. The identification marks on vintage glassware can include one or more of the following:

  • Trademark
  • Logo
  • Symbol
  • Signature

  • You can usually see markings on the bottom of a piece of glassware but occasionally they’re engraved on the side. If a piece is particularly old be aware that this marking may be faded. If you discover a marking, you can usually learn about the antique glass by searching its details online. Some other signs that a piece of glassware is vintage include:

  • Marks inside the glass, like bubbles
  • Pontil marks on blown glass
  • Highly polished workmanship
  • You can also scan the piece for an artist’s signature, which is typically very small and merged into the design.

    So now you know how to find one-of-a-kind vintage glassware, shop our characterful collection and start to build your assortment today.

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