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Vintage Bowls

Bowls are one of the most common cooking items in a kitchen, so it makes sense to choose vintage bowls that you love if you’re hoping to add a quirky feel to your home. After all, bowls are a versatile kitchen tool that can be used for anything - from mixing to storing to presenting.
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Vintage fruit bowl

Fresh fruit is a healthy and tasty snack for the whole family, and enjoying it is just as popular today as it was years ago. A beautiful vintage fruit bowl on the kitchen counter, a vintage cabinet, or vintage dining table is not only a stunning centrepiece but can also encourage everyone to practise healthy eating habits throughout the day. Our vast selection of vintage bowls features many pieces that work wonderfully as a fruit bowl, providing the perfect presentation of your colourful fruit collection. From rustic wooden bowls to modern mid-century pieces, we’re sure to have a bowl that suits your tastes and home. If you’re not sure which style of fruit bowl to go for, in most cases, you can’t go wrong with a sophisticated vintage glass bowl on the dining room table. Delicate, hand-painted porcelain bowls are also a popular choice among our customers and offer an elegant and charming feel to any kitchen or dining room.

Vintage mixing bowls

Chefs, bakers, home cooks, and kitchen amateurs unite. Here at Vinterior, we offer a variety of beautiful vintage mixing bowls to help you whip up any mouth-watering appetizer, main course, or dessert you can imagine. Friends, family, and dinner guests will not only be impressed by your cooking talents but with your home décor and presentation skills too. Vintage bowls are both a necessary and versatile cooking tool. They can be used for combining ingredients, as well as serving food dishes such as salads and soups. Our assortment of vintage bowls features pieces of all shapes and sizes, so you can build a unique collection. Why not mix and match by choosing pieces from different countries, eras, and styles? Or, stick to one trend for a more streamlined and sophisticated feel. We offer all styles and shapes, from large glass mixing bowls to antique terracotta pieces from the 19th century, so you’re sure to find something from our vintage bowls collection that you’ll love. Remember, you can never have too many. From little prep bowls to massive mixing bowls, the best chefs have a wide selection to create high-quality dishes.