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Contemporary Fireplaces

There’s nothing cosier than lighting a fire on a cold day and watching the flames flicker in the darkness with a hot cup or tea or a glass of wine in hand. The right contemporary fireplace is also an important design consideration. It can tie together the whole aesthetic of your room. Browse our selection of contemporary fireplaces to find your perfect fit.

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Contemporary fireplaces

Your fireplace can be the centre and focal point of a room. It can add a sense of character and set the tone for your style. From modern iron fireplace with clean lines to decorative marble surrounds, they can create a characterful and interesting look. Even if the fireplace is no longer in use, it’s integral to your home’s architecture and can make or break a space.

There’s something in human nature that encourages us to gather by the fire. Any fireplace can add definition and purpose to a room, unite space and connect different areas. It can also create height and interest. Find your perfect contemporary fireplace and bring modern comfort to your space.

How to choose a modern fireplace?

What is a winter day without a crackling fire and a blanket draped around your legs? Whether it’s for a new property or part of a renovation, choosing the right modern fireplace can elevate the mood of the room. It can be a great starting point for decorating the whole room. And it sets the tone for artwork other furniture.

The size of the contemporary fire surround is important. If it’s too big it will overpower the whole room. But it needs to be big enough to make a statement.

Our hand-curated selection of contemporary fireplaces includes gorgeous designs from many different styles. Choose mid century modern designs with a marble chimneypiece to late Victorian-slate pieces.

How to style your contemporary fireplace surround?

Fireplace not working? There are endless opportunities. You may not be able to light a fire, but you can ensure it looks its best all year round. Use the wall space above your contemporary fireplace to hang your favourite wall art, or mismatched decorative antique plates. An oversized mirror above a fireplace will establish a bright focal point and can make the room look more spacious and welcoming.

Pile logs in the centre of your fireplace, or big springs of greenery for instant appeal and height. Or add vintage finds, such as candle holders or sculptures to draw the eye. A statement armchair by the fireplace is inviting, comfortable and adds warmth.

Shop for a contemporary fireplace

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